Yes Diary | In “Barbie Mode,” Gia Alfieri dresses up in a pink mbzu

Giannina Alfieri crafted a pink mbzu.

Giannina Alfieri caught the attention of the public on social networks when she prepared the pink mbzu. The kitchen made it in the frame of the worldwide phenomenon of the movie ‘Barbie’.

Media Communicator and Cook, Giannina AlfieriAs part of the color of the moment, she surprised her followers by performing a pink mabeju.

This is due to the “fever” generalized by the American film inspired by the famous doll ‘Barbie’ and the doll ‘Ken’. greta gerwig you are acting margot robbie or Ryan Gosling,

The detailed footage of the place is a great phenomenon dominated by pink in which, from social networks, it is possible to appreciate all kinds of objects in that tone.

In this regard, social networks have been flooded with a huge number of memes and jokes in this regard and Jia is not far behind. Media, who is known for her recipes on Instagram, shared a take on the traditional mabeju but in pink.

,Everything can be rosy in this life, including mabezu that will make your abuela furious.Mentions Instagrammer in her videos.

“A little colorful and everything in this life is happy”Alfieri, who used a recipe from a co-worker.

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American actor, Johnny DiSio

Johnny Depp was found unconscious in a hotel room. The actor walked away with hearts and the music band he was a part of had to cancel his performance.

the artist formed a band called Hollywood Vampiresintegrated with Alice Cooper or joe perry, with whom he toured Europe. It was scheduled to be shown in Budapest on July 18, but the show was suspended after Depp was found unconscious.

Second, Johnny’s condition was caused by drinking the entire previous night and most of the day.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have canceled tonight’s show in Budapest. All tickets will be refunded in full. We love and appreciate all the fanatics who traveled far and wide to watch us grow and we feel it very much. Our sincere apologies”Read on a flyer distributed on social networks by the group just one hour before the show.

,what we heard was that depp was very excited And I couldn’t even leave the hotel. We also hear that he called a doctor to see if anything more serious had happened.,According to Medium Blick’s publication, I published “a person with knowledge of the matter.”

This was the second time Hollywood Vampires canceled a show because of Depp’s behavior. In late May, the band canceled three shows during their tour of the United States due to Depp’s fractured torso.

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La polemic rapera, doja cat.

Doja Cat is the new Blanco of Escratches. The singing controversy was not “canceled” by anyone but by their own fans.

one more time, doja cat He drew the ire of his fans after he showed himself indifferent and neglectful towards his fan club.

Todo Comenzo Cuando, A Traves de la Nueva Social Raid, threadsLa Repera followers propose to Lamar in their fan club ‘kittens’ (cats), sect that is disgusting.

“False fans don’t call themselves fools. If you name yourself ‘Kitten’ or ‘Kittenz’ it means you have to give up your phone and find a job to help your priests.Doja typed.

Prior to this answer a fan replied: “Te quiero escuchar desir ‘los quiero chicos'”. As is usually said to your fans.” Lejos de ascent or empathetic, Doja Cat wrote: “No lo creo por ni siqueira los conozco a todos”.

His followers replied that they did not even know him personally but they always supported him, noting that his career would not have been possible without fans. “Nadi has bound you. I don’t know why you are talking to me like you are my mother, you are like a mad person”Refuto nuement la rapera.

It should be remembered that Doja Cat was “canceled” in Paraguay in March 2022, in order to show itself indifferent and not to greet its fans, who were waiting outside the hotel amid the suspension of Asuncionico 2022 due to inclement weather.

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Claudia Galanti dazzles with her beauty and sensuality at the age of 42.

Claudia Galanti has returned topless this time to create a ruckus on social networks. This Paraguayan model is impressing everyone with her figure, style and glamor even at the age of 42.

weeks ago, claudia galanti She dazzled by sensual photos by the pool where she was enjoying the summer.

With them, the “American” ex-pop enraged his followers, who flooded his posts on Instagram with piroops.

Now, the Italy-based media personality was even more there and treated her fans to her topless picture, reportedly well taken care of so as not to show too much.

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In the image, you can see him posing on a yacht with his face down like the bottom of the ocean. His followers, both Italian and Paraguayan, refilled Piropos.

Galanti exudes not only sensuality but also style and glamor with her photographs.

It should be noted that the former model did not travel alone. Later, he showed himself in the company of his children.

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