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  • This institution provides trading seminars for people who are in psychotherapeutic treatment and others open to society at large.
  • It is accessed by referral from the care team – from the public or private sphere – or through reception.
  • Those wishing to purchase the products made by the workshop can visit the Center from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:30 in the Barrio Juniors area.

The Social and Labor Rehabilitation Center, located a few meters from the Civic Center, under the Ministry of Mental Health, performs the daily task of inclusion and social reintegration with people undergoing psychotherapeutic treatment.

The center, or “workshop” as friends of the institution call it, opened its doors in 1980. It currently offers trade workshops, including, sewing, carpentry, blacksmithing and “eco-rustic”, for those people who go through various mental health situations.

These are places coordinated by professional instructors and mental health professionals who accompany you throughout your journey, facilitating not only the study of each specialty, but also therapeutic tools.

The purpose of this device is promote skills people, increasing their motivation to achieve better social and family integration. In addition, it seeks to minimize the effects of prejudice and stigma around mental health issues.

Thus, over a period of about one year, users acquire knowledge related to the profession and work habits that can be useful for future employment. In other cases attendance at seminars is a means of achieving better adherence to outpatient care and prevention of crises and readmissions.

It is worth adding that since 2018 and on the basis of an agreement with Program Cordova trains meMinistry of Promotion of Employment and Family Economy, as well as community at large You can access courses and seminars offered at the Center. These training offerings include sewing, carpentry, basic welding, bakery and confectionery. For information about this, you can call 4342432 or contact the institution.

However, those who want visit the showroom to inquire about or purchase a product from the workshop You can go to the Center located on the street. Americano Vespucci 720corner of Arenales, in the Barrio Juniors area, st. From Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 12:30.

How to register

Seminars are aimed at people from 18 to 55 years old what are they in Ambulatory treatment with a psychopharmacological and psychotherapeutic approach derived from institutions, both public and private. It should be clarified that they must meet diagnostic criteria that are compatible with the activities associated with working with tools, mechanisms and instances for sharing in a group.

Admission is subject to an individual and family admissions interview and a follow-up period is required.

Other activities

The institution also offers various offers for physical activitybetween them paddle, fishing, basketball, table tennis, football and swimming.

As part of the fishing activities, trips are made to Caiasta, province of Santa Fe, and to dams in the province of Córdoba. In addition, an annual trip to the city of Embalse is organized for all participants of the seminars.

Another device that the Center offers is “Actively”, a proposal that promotes physical activity, meetings between peers to strengthen social bonds, leisure, relaxation and fun. This event has been held every September, for 23 years now, on the basis of the Faculty of Physical Education – IPEF.

Those who want more information or are interested in registering can come to the Center; or communicate through its various channels: by phone 0351 4342432, by mobile phone 351-7672556; by e-mail –; or through social networks – Facebook, El Taller – Social and Labor Rehabilitation Center or Instgram, @eltaller_crsl.

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