Wolff: “Vasseur Pizza Cleve en l’F1 de Brad Pitt”.

Toto Wolff has revealed some details about the role the Mercedes team will play in the production of the Formula 1 movie currently filming with Brad Pitt as the protagonist.

After several months of intense work, I was able to watch the running team perform in full on and off the track at Silverstone on the grounds of the Gran Premio di Gran Britana.

The production plans aim for your appearance in the next scoring tests for the Mundial during the rest of the year. The Hungerring and The Spa are some of them.

11th team

In the pit lane area of ​​Silverstone, an exclusive garage for the Apex GP team was located, in addition to the rest of the teams’ larger facilities in the paddock, as well as a pair of motorhomes.

The production team is using a converted Formula 2 chassis, designed by Mercedes like the current Formula 1 car and supervised by Carlin.

,We’ve been in this for a long time“, Toto Wolff says of Mercedes’ role in the production.

,I think we went ahead, in the first discussion, we sent Brad to a driving school in France, going through Formula 4 coaches, until he got to Formula 1,

Toto commented that Hamilton’s involvement in the film is important and that he takes care of all the details with his team as much as possible.

,We try to be helpful in the narrative; Lewis is an executive producer, so he wanted to make sure the film was as realistic as possible when it arrived. and we have a lot of fun,

Vasseur’s idea

The Mercedes team’s maximum responsible explained how it was decided to use the F2 and modify it so that the Apex GP would have two single-seaters similar to the current F1.

,We helped conceptualize it building single-seaters, and it was actually Fred Vasser’s idea, I think, to use an F2 car and build the body around it to make it look like an F1.,

,In the case of people’s boxes, clothing or equipment, overall we try to be useful and design them to be as realistic as possible.,

,When I talked to the director a few weeks ago, I thought he’d tell me he was in Hollywood, but I said to myself: ‘I’m in my apartment in Brackley’, so overall being a film director is wonderful.,

Wolff explained that he was amazed to see at Silverstone the way everyone had developed. Apex GP shows itself as the true team of the F1 World Cup.

,It’s impressive when you enter the garage and see the same configuration as our teams at the Mundial, the feeling that surrounds everyone, it’s really incredible,

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