Will Smith will make his video game debut in a free-to-play RPG shooter for mobile devices

Will Smith will be the famous face of the game which aspires to be the new free shooter phenomenon for PC and mobile devices.

Will Smith will make his video game debut in a free-to-play RPG shooter for mobile devices
Capture of Undone which clearly pays homage to the film Soy Leyenda

Can this happen? Will Smith’s film career It hasn’t been his best moment since calling Chris Rock a live pie during the Oscars 2021 ceremony, but the American actor and singer has starred in great movies over the years, earning him huge international recognition, how long has it taken to make First appearance in the world of video games, concretely, in dawnNew free survival rpg from Tencent.

This isn’t the first time one of your characters has been sold at VideoJuegos, but we’re talking about a Free to play game on PC and mobile Which will come from the hands of Chino, a giant of the entertainment world, on the next 15th June. playing with what we can already play with so you can lay your eyes on our first impressions of Undone to know all the details of it The next Chinese event in free shooters,

Will Smith returns to “Ser Leyenda” in new Tencent, Undone

However, there is not much information on this matter yet. Will Smith to debut in Undone as Robert Nevillemovie hero i’m great, one of the great successes of the actor’s career. At least, as far as the aesthetics and action are concerned, since Francis Lawrence’s film deserves no special mention.

this ad came with a cinematic trailer From Tencent’s game where you can see the character getting closer before ending spectacularly with a large group of zombies, including a large group that he defeats after performing incredible pirouettes. giving up walking through a postapocalyptic cityRemembering one of the most legendary prints from the film.

It’s not entirely clear whether Will Smith will be will be one of the playable characters or NPCs of Undone For those who have to complete the missions, but in a different way, Will Smith will continue to be present in the Tencent game as one of its most remembered characters. from the decade of the 2000s when the actor achieved successes such as There, men in Black, two rebel policemen 2, yo, robot hey in search of happiness,

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