when it premieres in locas en apuros en chile

places in troublecalled in english joy rideis an American film directed by adele limaturning director for the first time after co-writing famous feature films like local millionaire or Raya and the Last Dragon.

this production of the style of comedyhaving a period one and a half houris played by Ashley Park (Emily in Paris), sherry cola (Good Trouble), Sabrina Wu and her Oscar nominees all parts at the same time, stephanie sue,

Also, stock caters to actors Ronnie Chiang ,The Legend of Shang-Chi and Diaz Anilos, Desmond Chiam ,with love, Alexander Hodge ,vulnerable) or Chris Pang ,local millionaire,

story focused four friends They will experience various adventures that Audrey (Park) will have to business trip to asiaBut it gets complicated and sells badly, so ask those around you for help.

that’s how to meet audrey Lolo (Cola), her childhood best friend who leads a completely destructive life, cat (Hsu), a friend from university who is now the star of a Chinese soap opera and deadeye (Woo), Lolo’s eccentric cousin.

According to Deadline, the experience will become a journey of friendship, reconciliation and turbulence that will lead them to discover What does it mean to know and love who you are?

the film places in trouble Will be available in cinemas in Chile later this week It will premiere on 27 July.

However, those who wish to attend an event, given that there is no prior discount for purchasing tickets, will have to wait for the film’s release to be able to purchase tickets, a process that can be accomplished in a simple way. In person and online in theaters.

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