What is adrenochrome and why is it related to the perceived youthfulness of celebrities?

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There is no doubt that the stars of cinema are always remembered for the roles that made the biggest impact on world audiences or, for the movies that left a mark on time. Such is the case with Strap called ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ starring Brad Pitt.

It tells the story of a child who was born with the strange disease of Benjamin Button, a man who will be born with the body of an 80-year-old and who is rejuvenating over time. In addition to being successful in this way, audiences were surprised to see actor Brad Pitt wrinkly, aging, and an age that clearly did not belong to him.

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On the other hand, in the past few days, the American actor has become the center of comments on social networks after the wish to see him in the final of the famous Wimbledon tennis tournament. Pictures of the actor that day made people wonder why he still looks so young at the age of 59.

Entertainment media such as GQ de México or Queen de España have mentioned rumors and assumptions in the entertainment world about how famous people have been able to preserve their physical appearance over the years. Everything indicates that it has to do with the consumption of a substance called adrenochrome, versions that have not yet been proven.

What is adrenochrome?

According to medical science, adrenochrome It is a substance derived from the oxidation of adrenaline, a hormone that allows neurons to communicate with each other, that can be synthesizedHowever its use is very limited.

however, Between 2017 and 2018, rumors started spreading on all social networks, from which celebrities To keep poetry young, use this substance in the mass. In the meantime, the same social networks have spawned other hypotheses about the origin of the substance, which have been widely commented upon by Internet users.

What are the theories about this substance?

The first principle, and the most common, is that that adrenochrome is derived from “cruel and diabolical treatment” of children. It started circulating on the internet a few years ago or on social networks since at least 2018, without any restrictions; The medical community has said that this is not correct. Writers such as Aldous Huxley and Hunter S. Thompson talk about adrenochrome as a psychotropic substance, and there is even a scene in Terry Gilliam’s 1998 film, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, in which Johnny Depp can be seen using adrenochrome as a psychedelic drug.

Another conspiracy theory related to this topic is that it is a drug consumed by the “global elite” and that it comes from children caught in human trafficking networks. So said QAnon, a movement that originated in 2017 among supporters of former US President Donald Trump.

Ultimately, the principle that also emerged in social networks is that In which it has even been said that if Adrenochrome substance is consumed. Those who take it may benefit from its rejuvenating effects or have a psychedelic experience.

another different perspective on the topic It is about an investigation based on the use of digital beauty corrections in the film industry.which is the other way Youth can be seen more in cine artists.

Al Mashable reporter, Josh Dickey, He told how today only the main stars of the big screen use it. According to the journalist, many actors or actresses He likes to change his appearance a bit physically for the movies. but it was hard for dickie There are sources that talked about it.

“In all the years that I devoted myself to covering news from the world of entertainment, I had never heard of these techniques”Dickey told the BBC.

Later, the journalist confirmed that it was thanks to a friend who started investigating this topic.

“It was an actor friend who first told me about it in 2010. I wanted to make a film, but the makers thought I was too old for the role. So he proposed using one of the companies that devoted the above years to digital beauty to pay off.Sotuvo journalist dickey.

Similarly, I continue to explain to him “So I started investigating the subject and it took me more than three years to get my story published because of the difficulty in finding interviewers willing to talk”The reporter concluded.

Where did this myth about adrenochrome come from?

The myth of adrenochrome comes from Terry Gilliam’s film “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” (“Mido y Esco en Las Vegas”, 1998)., Hunter S. Adaptation of Thompson’s novel. in one scene, Johnny Deep, the character portrayed by Raoul, takes substance.

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Sue the lawyer, embodied by Benicio del Toro, Adrenochrome is said to “make pure mescaline (an alkaloid extracted from a cactus) resemble ginger beer”.

In the novel, Raoul states that “there is only one source of this thing… the adrenaline glands of the living human body.” It doesn’t work if you collect a corpse”, a dialogue that matches the attributions taking place on social networks.

Now, experts return to the subject of the American actor to draw conclusions He assures that Brad’s good appearance is due to his utmost care for general health. For Carmen Peñas, expert in beauty, The care of the actor is not from now, but from many years ago.

“Esto no vien de aire ne de antes de ire. It has great potential because it is small, because it has good genetics and strength. In the end, it all comes down to our lifestyle habits, what we eat, breathe, rest, what we exercise, what we think, what we feel, negativity or optimism and how we relate to other people affect the way our genes are expressed.said the expert in an interview for the medium

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