These video games, from Fortnite to Minecraft, are used by human traffickers.

CDMX Civic Council President Salvador Guerrero and Attorney General of Justice Ernestina Godoy warned that video game such as Free Fire and Roblox, as well as social networks such as WhatsApp and Facebook, used to picking up girlschildren and teenagers online human trafficking.

Introducing the third annual report “Human trafficking, a global and virtual problem”, January 2022 – June 2023, the president of the Citizens Council explained that in video games, the most common risk is sending intimate photoswhat happens when cybertraffickers or human traffickers establish trust or perceived affective relationships with victims who are tricked into leaving their homes.

He explained that the National Anti-Trafficking Line and Chat (LNCTP) had received reports about video games such as freefire, Roblox, Fortnite And mine craftassociated with the engagement of minors.

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In this regard, Godoy Ramos mentioned that they found cases of video games and social media where they try to hook victims, in addition to the child pornography investigation folders linked to those platforms.

“Those involved in human trafficking are increasingly using social media, video games to gain the trust of people in vulnerable situations and hook them through these means,” he warned.

According to the annual report, 38% of risks in video games are reported by mothers of victims, 20% by fathers, 15% by relatives and a quarter by minors who suffer from them.

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According to the report, the use of social media has become widespread, making cyberspace an attractive destination for criminals, including traffickers, who find themselves in digital platforms means of capturing and catching people for the purpose of their exploitation. These cybercriminals have adapted interpersonal recruitment techniques to the virtual world, where they resort to using false profiles through which they come into contact with potential victims.

Through messaging about meeting “friends” or posting job offers, they establish a “relationship” of trust and subsequently attract victim so that they perform mandatory actions and receive some benefit, such as submitting photos or videos of sexual content for distribution on forums or websites, some of which are for child pornography.

Similarly, they use “dating” apps to promote face-to-face encounters and later incarcerate and exploit the victim.

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In other cases, traffickers post job or study offers under the heading “unique opportunities” because the salaries are very attractive to transfer them to other countries.

“According to reports from the National Anti-Trafficking Hotline and Chat, interaction through social media is positioned as the second most used means of recruitment by traffickers, with 7.1% of cases. vacancies, promises of help and falling in love are the methods of involvement most often used by cybernetic human traffickers; they often use the Facebook social network to capture victims, the majority (85.7%) are exploited for the purpose of prostitution of others and other forms of sexual exploitation“, the message says.

Municipalities with the highest rate of this crime They are: Cuauhtémoc, followed by Venustiano Carranza, Coyoacán, Benito Juarez, Miguel Hidalgo, Istacalco, Iztapalapa, Xochimilco, Alvaro Obregón, Tlalpan, Gustavo A. Madero, Tlauac and Azcapotzalco.

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