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The internet feud between Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” and Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” began when they announced their first closing dates: July 21.

It is not unusual for studios to schedule premieres of films of different genres on the same weekend, but the stark contrast between a dark and serious film about a man who oversaw the development of the atomic bomb and a cheerful and rosy anthropomorphization of a childhood munecka quickly became viral fodder.

Even this lack of awareness of whether it is “Barbenheimer”, “Barbenheimer” or “Boppenheimer”, another combination, a phenomenon about which the AP Style Manual still does not provide guidance, but for the purposes of this article it will be “Barbenheimer”, gives poor results online.

Nolan and Gerwig are both very passionate and anxious radicals. Even many of these fanatics correspond with each other and this has led to the creation of memes, loyalties and t-shirts that are pretty funny.

Both films become a menudo trend on social networks when the other releases a new property: an announcement, an image, an interview. At a certain level, this is the responsibility of the marketing department. The attention couldn’t be bigger, the conversation couldn’t be stronger and that’s why there is no official review of any movie yet.

“‘Barbenheimer’ is a marketing ploy born of social media, and I think it’s working to both films’ advantage,” says Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at analytics firm comScore. “Certainly, you’re there for both movies in a more intense and solid way than I believe they could have been if they were released on different weekends.”

The AMC Theaters chain of cinemas reported that 20,000 members of its AMC Stubs customer group had purchased tickets for both. Son’s 294 minute movies. Even Margot Robbie, who plays Barbie, and Tom Cruise, the star of another summer vacation success, have started planning the ideal day for “Barbenheimer.”

“Es un programma doble perfecto,” says Robbie at the premiere of his film in London with the children. “I believe in fact I start your day with ‘Barbie,’ then go straight to ‘Oppenheimer,’ and then a little bit more ‘Barbie.’

Cruise, whose “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One” (“Mission: Impossible Sentencia Mortal – Part Uno”) premiered a week before “Barbenheimer” clashed, said at his debut that he plans to watch both films on the day of his debut, perhaps starting with “Oppenheimer”, which also seems to be the preferred viewing order on the Internet.

“Barbie” actress Issa Rae believes there’s a reason.

“I believe there is a very specific order in which to watch them. If You See ‘Oppenheimer’ at the End, You Might Be a Little Psycho”, Diagnosed at the London Premiere.

The confrontation has turned everyone into market experts, quickly analyzing Warner Bros.’s every move. y universal, as if it were possible to compare two wildly different campaigns.

There are endless opportunities for very pink and glittery photos, whimsical brand associations for everything from underwear to pool floaters, massive fan events with signed autographs and pop stars like Billie Eilish posting on the soundtrack. In other words, the “Barbie” campaign could turn into nuclear power.

“Oppenheimer” has bombast, enticing suspense and big-screen hooks in return, but it’s not the type of film that lends itself to, say, a collaboration with a Frosty Yogurt.

However, is the competition real or just a meme? Some in Hollywood wondered whether Warner Bros. The release of “Barbie” that weekend was a blow to Nolan, who had released several films for the studio, including “Inception” (“El Origin”) and “Dunkirk” (“Dunkirk”). Director Dejo Warner Bros. One year in the midst of his controversial decision to premiere his films (during the pandemic) via streaming and instead create the “Oppenheimer” with Universal. But the tequila war makes no sense for a studio that recently talked about re-engaging Nolan.

There is an unspoken code of conduct: never speak ill of another studio’s film, at least in public. It’s a formal part, especially when it comes to “tequila encounters” so everyone will say it’s a creation of the press and the spectators are on edge. But it also has its roots in something real: the traditional thinking that keeping your eyes on one movie is good for other movies, your cards, and progress. Everyone benefits in one way or the other.

And the social network allowed even movie stars to participate in the game. After such reports that the cruise was upset because the latest “Mission: Impossible” was going to lose the IMAX screen for “Openhaimer” exactly a week after its release, Kruz published pictures of her and her film director Christopher McCepie, who “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Dial of Destin”, “Indian Jones and the Dial of Dustin”, ” Himmer stood in front of the poster of “, with the ticket of each.

“This summer is full of incredible movies to watch in theaters. These are some of the things we can’t wait to see on the big screen,” says Cruise’s photo pie on Instagram.

The official accounts of “Indiana Jones”, “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” responded with support. Gerwig and Robbie also released a similar series of photos a few days later, which the “Oppenheimer” official account on Instagram reverted to publishing in their stories. Oppenheimer’s star Cillian Murphy told the AP at the premiere of his film in London that “by all means” “Barbie” will come. The cross-promotion between the four major studios (Universal, Warner Bros., Disney and Paramount) is something the film industry has never seen before.

“Tom Cruise is not only the biggest star in the world, but he’s also an incredible ambassador for cinema, for the cinema experience, and for promoting other films,” says Dargarabedian. “And in the framework of what is considered a very competitive tequila career, that atmosphere is somewhat pleasant”.

Just like that, everyone in the world likes to debut at No. 1, and according to reports, both “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” cost $100 million to produce (not including the millions spent on promotion). In regards to a follow-up to the bag, “Barbie” has introduced it to the stock market with predictions suggesting it could debut in the United States and Canada at a price of over $90 million. Meanwhile, “Oppenheimer” is estimated at around $40 million. This is the comody of “Mission: Impossible”, which is in second place.

With starts in second and third place, “Oppenheimer” could have a long, continuous and profitable career heading into awards season. Movies with an R rating are less crowded the weekend before adult audiences (which require a priest or guardian to accompany those under 17).

In 2008, in the midst of the recession, Warner Bros. And Universal will go head-to-head with another Nolan film: “The Dark Knight” (“Batman: El Caballero de la Noche”) and “Mamma Mia” that same weekend in July. Both were hugely profitable (although Nolan won the first weekend).

The biggest concern is that what was announced as Hollywood’s summer return to action post-pandemic has swelled more than anyone expected. That puts little pressure on “Barbenheimer” to get more output and raise the summer budget, which pales in comparison to the bigger problems facing the industry now that the actor has joined the screenwriters at Huelga.

But just a week into “Barbenheimer’s” big day, it’s still a source of entertainment. “Barbie” actors, including Will Ferrell, scored a gig at the premiere in London.

“I think the world would like to see a little bit more ‘Barbie’ at this point in time,” Ferrell says. “I only believe”.


Associated Press reporter Sian Watson contributed to this dispatch from London.

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