The Rock Donates Millionaire to SAG-AFTRA

by Nicolas Laferriere on 07/25/2023

From last May 2, self. Writers Guild of America (WGA) started the Huelga fight against a series of odds Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) with respect to recognition of intellectual property, artistic integrity, allowances for streaming, and legislation dealing with artificial intelligence.

My claim will take it to a whole new level on July 14, when the actors unite SAG-AFTRA The claims of the Empezo a Huelga Bajo are the same as those of the WGA. Support from several unions across North America, as well as delaying negotiations for AMPTP until October, led to the suspension of several projects by major Hollywood production houses, slowing the entertainment scene here for the next few months.

A number of notable names have joined the side of the writers and actors making their mark in Hollywood at the present time. is one of them Dwayne Johnson, which provided very impressive monetary contributions to the workers in Huelga. Variety news portal reported that SAG-AFTRA “Seven Figure” Donations Received in The Rock’s Name, SAG-AFTRA Foundation President Courtney B. “This gesture is saying that you’ll be with us through whatever it is. And it sends a great message to other people to do the same,” says Vance.

Despite not having direct contact with the unions, many professional wrestling activists have voiced their support for the double whammy in Hollywood. Names from the stage like Seth Rollins, Tony Khan, AJ Mendez (AJ Lee) and Ryan Nemeth have publicly commented on their favoritism towards unions. His participation has been seen in various manifestations in the past.

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