The Lady and the Legend: Filho announces Tony Bennett’s documentary with Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett. (Photo: Instagram/@tonybennett)

after the death of Tony Bennett Last Friday (21), the musician’s son announced a documentary about his father’s relationship Lady Gaga Will be released soon. hey ,lady and legend, will reach paramount+ The two got together for a little behind-the-scenes chat at the final performance in September.

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett will be together in a new documentary. (Photo: Instagram/@tonybennett)

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in an interview with Diversity, Danny Bennett revealed what it was like backstage at the show Tony it is senseless, ,They used to go (from the stage) alternately and she used to watch him every night. He’ll pull the mic (from his mouth) and she’ll say (backstage): “What’s he doing?” And I said, ‘Look at the audience. He pulls out the microphone and everyone leans towards him because they want to hear it.’ And she was impressed.remembered.

According to him, the documentary was recorded during the receipt of the special “One Last Time: Live at Radio City Music Hall”recorded in New York, That’s where the idea to do it came from “The Lady and the Legend”which will describe the relationship between Tony it is senseless,

“What you will see in this documentary is not what you saw in the special. You would be looking behind the scenes where people were saying, ‘He doesn’t know where he is.’ And Gaga rightly said, ‘Is that the right thing to do?’, But I knew when he got to that stage, it would all come back.

Danny also said that after his last performance with the singer, he was accused of lying about his father’s illness. “Everything went great I was also accused of saying he had Alzheimer’s as a publicity stunt, because the people did not believe. I was nervous, but I thought, ‘I can see it in his eyes. He would like to go like this. That’s what he needsThey said.

Behind the scenes of Lady Gaga’s life will also come to the fore



The documentary will also feature moments where Lady Gaga was not well and was supported Tony Bennett to feel better. He added, “We’re going to meet Gaga at a time when she wasn’t feeling great about things – you know, ‘Artpop’ and the split with Troy[Carter, her former manager]), and she was thinking of herself as having a double standard.” danny,

“You see Tony nurturing her and telling her to go ahead and believe in herself. And then suddenly, in the end, she’s the one who supports him. It is a complete and beautiful cycle”, he added.

Production will be made available on the platform of paramount+ in September. The exact date has not yet been provided. “I’m really excited for people to see this because You really understand these two great artists and their passion for music – And look, that’s what Tony represented.”End Danny Bennett,

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