Super League Playoffs: KOI smiles again

KOI Super League Playoffs

They were left to die, but they had fun. koi open playoffs Summer Super League with incredible victory over Team Heretics. The Ibai Llanos team exceeded all expectations with a victory over the runner-up in the spring 3-1. Thus, KOI shortens its streak of 9 defeats in a row and finds itself at one of its best levels. The tents are moving in playoffs Superleagues, they are repeating their best historical record and are waiting for an opponent who will try to reach the semi-finals.

Even though most expectations were against him, KOI beat Team Heretics and turned the whole scene upside down.. The Barcelona team is reclaiming the essence they had at the beginning of the summer season, and they are doing it just in time. KOI ended the nine-game losing streak that ended the regular phase. With a score of 3-1, the tents eliminated Team Heretics from the standings. playoffs come back to his best level of the season.

KOI returns to its best level and eliminates Team Heretics from the Super League playoffs.

Superleague opened the curtain playoffs summer and who answered the call. From the hands of Joao Miguel NoveRoof” outstanding, KOI take part in the derby against Team Heretics in the Super League. The Portuguese KOI player shone in the series, further eclipsing the boring Artur Trojan.Zviru“. Ups and downs mid laners were infamous in a very explosive series where KOI managed to prove they fit playoffs.

just like it happened to Fnatic vs. SK Gaming A few weeks ago, The Heretic team has chosen their executioner. The Heretics were unable to validate their choice and ultimately succumbed to KOI, which was expected to be the worst in this phase.

Syndra And Niko from Roof they got KOI back on the road to victory and along with a great performance by Josip Cancar “Jopa» win initial streak playoffs Superleague. He 3-1 It serves as an accurate portrait of a series that at times didn’t seem to pick either side, but eventually collapsed with the departure of the KOI cards. purple set he claimed a good moment of his flagship playerssomething that weighed more than Jacob Kepple’s contribution”Jackspectra“, who disguised himself as a musician from the Madrid team trying to save the series on his own.

Waiting for the giants against Barça eSports, Finetwork KOI is already in the second round belonging playoffs Superleague. Thus, the Ibai Llanos team equals its best score in the top Spanish division. League of Legends. Note what’s next Tuesday 1 August You can break if you beat the winner Giants vs Barcelona esports.

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