Spider-Man 4 Rumors Fizzle With Tobey Maguire


Actor Thomas Haden Church, who played sandman In the moviespider man 3By Sam Raimi as Peter Parker opposite Tobey Maguire/Spider ManRecently learned that he heard rumors that Raimi may be developing”spider man 4With Tobey Maguire. “There’s always been something on my mind… I’ve heard rumors that Sam Raimi is going to make another[film].” Spider Man) with Tobey (Maguire) and if it happens, I’ll probably at least apply to do a cameo”, says Church.

Church returned to the voice sandman computer generated”Spider-Man: No Way HomeUsing footage from the archive of “In 2021,”spider man 3“Para las asenas en las que sandman Appears in human form. It is not the first time that the Church has expressed interest in playing its part sandman in future movie Spider Man, In March, the church basically explained sandman IBA will have a more important role in this”no way home,

“We had a whole story involving his daughter”no way home, And in the end it just got cut off. Had a lot of success.”

The actor also revealed that he spoke to producer Amy Pascal Spider Manand Kevin Feige, President marvel studiosabout to bring back sandman for future movies marvel cinematic universe,

“There have been talks about that coming back, and maybe a more satisfying story. Do you know? with Flint and his return to human form”, he indicated, adding that Flint had also been “recovered”.no way home“, yet it is not “human”.

another actor of the trilogy Spider Man more from ramieno way home“who is interested in returning”spider man 4JK Simmons, who in the multiverse is J.K. plays Jonah Jameson Miracle,

“Absolutely. Anything that Sam Raimi offered me”, he said in January 2023.

However, despite Church and Simmons’ comments, Sony and Miracle Aun no Han officially confirms fourth film Spider Man Maguire’s leadership. By the way, Raimi himself said in May 2022 that “there are no plans to do so at this time”.spider man 4‘” And the sequel hasn’t been “pursued,” which means the rumor Church heard may not be entirely true.

however, marvel studios working with Sony on the fourth film of Spider Man set in marvel cinematic universe Which will bring back Tom Holland’s version of the beloved Trapamuros. Even the description of the argument of “spider man 4kept secret, there are rumors that suggest that the next sequel will deal with the consequences of the next series disney+,Daredevil: Born Againwhich stars Vincent D’Onofrio as the Kingpin and Charlie Cox as Daredevil. Cox has already crossed paths with Holland”Spider-Man: No Way HomeThe roles of Matt Murdock and Peter Parker in their civilian identities.

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editor’s Note: It sounds great to me what I did at Marvel with the multiverse Spider Man But from a marketing point of view. Now you can make movies with whomever you want and you have a perfect excuse for not getting them.

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