Return of the Grand Prix

Cristinini, From Twitch Streamer to New Grand Prix HostEPC

Catalan “streamer” Cristina Lopez, better known in the virtual world as christiniis one of the new comeback hosts “Summer Grand Prix” 18 years after the end of the broadcast. A content creator on Twitch arrives in the space hosted by Ramon Garcia to be the point alliance between the program and youthdue to its popularity on social media. In the program, he acts as a commentator and controls all the rules of various games and is responsible for broadcast them from the booth.

Streamer was born on November 15, 1989 in Salou (Tarragona) and studied at the University of Rovira y Virgili. Has training in calculations And business administration, and can be protected in five languages, including Russian and French. In addition, he has also been trained in dubbing try your luck in this sector in the near future.

His start was on YouTube where he started posting videos about his passion for video games, and his nickname was coined by his friends. Little by little, he managed to gain a foothold in this world dominated by men and unknown to the general public, until in 2019 he began to participate in women’s competition video games League of Legends, Overwatch, and Age of Empires, among others.

Streaming Growth

She is currently one of the most recognizable streamers in the country with over three million subscribers on Twitch and almost 100 million views. “I grew up professionally in the digital world of video games and I personally have always enjoyed playing,” the “influencer” admitted in a recent interview with EL PERIÓDICO of Prensa Ibérica. “I have always looked at video games through a lens learn, make friends and develop many skills creativity of all kinds,” he elaborated. “This is a world where big money is spinning, people are consuming it, it exists and is not as bad as some paint it,” he said in the aforementioned interview.

The latest Twitch content creator salary data confirmed that Cristinini was among top 10 highest paid streamers from Spain with $390,000 profit year. At that time, the Catalan was the only woman on the list, which Auronplay topped with 3 million a year. Ebay was not far behind with $2.3 million.

A television

In recent years, Cristinini has entered the world of television to explore her own edge as a host of various formats. During this time, the “gamer” has already been a co-author of such programs as “Zaping”, “La Resistencia” and “El Intermedio”in addition to hosting events such as the Odeón de la Música Awards and HBO Max’s Time Zone program.

Cristina Lopez recently signed up for this new leg of the revamped “El Grand Prix del Verano” as co-host along with Michelle Calvo“ambassador of the nations and godfather of godparents”, and the mythical Ramon Garcia, host of the program since its premiere in 1995. 2,572,000 spectators And 26.1% screen share.

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