Queens of the Stone Age stage a rock coup and Sam Smith preaches freedom in Mad Cool

Ale rock American powerhouse Queens of the Stone Age headline the second day of Mad Cool Festival, where Brit Sam Smith shines through with his artistic prowess, daring and full of LGTBI pride.

Everything is produced in front of an audience at home 70,000 people Those who have been able to access the Iberdrola Music Space, located in the Madrid district of Villaverde, with greater fluidity this summer have attempted to rectify other problems such as glue to access services with the provision of a shower near the main set.

With the sun down to 33 degrees on July 7th, Maynard James Keenan’s group, American Pusifer, was the first to perform at around 19.00 hours. Asi Han transports audiences to another world with his experimental lyrics without the fear to step foot one of the traveling cartel heads, Sam Smith, which has presented a show full of sensuality. Without censorship at the height of the great pop divas in repertoire, appearance and charisma.

The British started with the most famous ballad’Stay with me‘, betting on the gold in the set’s decor – a giant tombstone statue – and lets you see a smile and vocal power that has been maintained throughout the show’s one and a half hours in which it is backed by several dancers and an excellent trio of soul singers.

With empathy, defense of freedom, and the constant defeat of love, she won over singing slow-themed songs like ‘Let Me Down’, donning a big red dress, and she made the audience dance along to ‘Dancing with Strangers’, ‘Gimme’ – including a ‘twerk’ moment.Promises’, In most of the songs, the dancers surrender to sensuality.

The non-binary gender artist, who was thrilled to perform on such a large scale in Madrid, has effectively said goodbye with ‘Vaibhav’, Imitating Jesus Christ; A version of ‘Human Nature’ by Madonna, which reads “Express yourself, don’t suppress yourself (Expressat, no te reprimas)”, and ‘Unholy’, with the breakthrough shared with Kim Petras. And it is decked out in a black corset with jewels, fishnet stockings and high boots, moving forward and receiving ovations from assistants.

Environment during the first trip to the Mad Cool 2023 festival

Then comes the strong plate of Mad Cool’s second journey, Queens of the Stone Age, who has got the audience grooving to their rock anthems under unforgettable direction. With songs spanning over two decades, such as ‘No One Knows’, chosen for a thunderous opening with the sunset in the background, or more recent songs such as ‘Paper Mache’ from this 2023 album, the American band have confirmed that rock is alive, and more so at a major festival like this one.

The Queen of the Stone Age band performs during the second day of the Mad Cool 2023 festival.
The Queen of the Stone Age band performs during the second day of the Mad Cool 2023 festival.
Europa Press

Group leader Josh Homme has served as director of his band’s orchestra and a devoted publican, above all in the front lines, a Help He Le Ha Hecho feels “very happy”. “Que fucking Rico”, he said even in front of some of the assistants of those who were awarded the title of “best of all tour”.

“We wanted to stay here forever”, he had already shouted at the end of a concert in which he had been ‘given pieces likemake it with chu‘, ‘little sister’ or ‘go with the flow’. Your old theme works best. In Han received tremendous acclaim, as did ‘Song for the Dead’. The rock prowess of the band, coupled with the absolute kingship of the guitar, has led to this being considered by many as the best concert of Mad Cool 2023.

Eruption of Folk with Mumford & Sons

british folk rock Mumford & Sons He has enthralled the audience with his buen rollo and completely outspoken poetic lyrics. Han began a concert with Artificial Fire in which he was impressed and invited to play Hand in Hand, above all with his most famous songs.

The band Mumford & Sons during a performance on the second day of the Mad Cool 2023 festival.
The Mumford & Sons band performed with artificial fire on the second day of the Mad Cool 2023 festival.
Europa Press

The ‘Little Lion Man’ or ‘Ditmas’, accompanied by singer Marcus Mumford, among the public, marked the show for the British, who concluded their celebration with one of their greatest hymns.I will wait‘, which has created even more excitement with a final orgy of artificial flames.

The end of the tour, which ended at 2:00am this Saturday, was the responsibility of, among other proposals, Australian alternative dance group rufus du sol on a medium stage and on one of the main stages by the American rock band The Black Keys.

With becoming more public, the pairing of Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney has started with the ‘I got mine‘ to give Suelta rein on various rock themes in which the instrumental has had much relevance, as has been the case with the previous two bands.

New festival venue in Madrid, located in the Villaverde district

Thus ended the second day of the festival, when the main names presented what was expected and the national and international public tasted the proposals according to the needs of the protagonists of the event in which Spanish speakers like Delaporte – Fiesta assured thanks to their electronic pop – and surprises like Rebecca or, who have celebrated in the month of Tombola Vibra the porch continues,

With two rounds complete, Mad Cool 2023 ends this Saturday red Hot Chili PeppersLiam Gallagher, M.I.A. and The Prodigy at the head of a cartel that includes artists such as Jamie XX, Years and Years or Ava Max, the Spanish Cupido, Belaco, Morgan, Shinova or Aliella, among other names.


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