Prenuptial agreement ‘saved’ Sofia Vergara’s fortune after divorce; Understand when a contract must be made

Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara

Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara

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One of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood before marriage Protecting your fortune in the event of a divorce, When she decided to formalize an alliance with actor Joe Manganiello, sofia vergara signed a prenuptial agreement According to the British newspaper, that ensures about US$180 million (about R$861 million) for the artist. daily Mail.

The couple were married for seven years and announced their separation last Monday, the 17th. The year they formalized the union, Sofia and Manganiello made no secret that they chose to share finances. In a 2015 interview with presenter Howard Stern, the actress said: “‘He said: Do what you want. I’ll sign what you want. ‘”

The fortune of Gloria’s now ex-husband, an interpreter on Modern Family, represents less than half of the wealth accumulated by the actress. In the agreement made official in 2015, Joe Manganiello announced equity of US$40 million, equivalent to approximately R$192 million.

prenuptial agreement in brazil

The settlement reached by Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello is significant Secure property of both at the time of divorce, In Brazil, this process is done at a notary’s office before the wedding is celebrated and must indicate the property division options agreed upon by the couple.

According to Cristiano Chaves, prosecutor and master of the science of the family, it is important to let the will of the parties prevail. “In this way, the couple can each establish their own percentage or simply separate one and the other’s assets or even consider compensation values ​​for certain situations”, he explained.

However, the decision taken by the couple before marriage and agreed in the contract is not final. According to lawyer Saulo Daniel Lopes, both can request a change in partition even after the celebration. “For that, you have to file a lawsuit. It is a non-judicial process which is done at the notary or notary office and later, registered with the marriage certificate”, he explains.

even those who live stable union You can apply for a property sharing agreement through a public deed or a private contract. “Since there is no exact date of ‘birth’ of an abiding union, the parties may opt for the property regime at any point of time. It’s called a “coexistence agreement,” says Saulo, and it has the same boundaries as a prenuptial agreement.

A so-called “coexistence pact” can be activated when the couple wishes to live in an agreement different from the standard regime of fractional community property, when the couple divides all assets acquired during the marriage in case of divorce.

Saló López also draws attention to the extension of marital agreements beyond property. “Today, jurisprudence has accepted a wide range of issues of an ancestral and off-balance-sheet nature, such as pet Care of the couple in case of divorce Choice of religion in which children will be educated“, it is called.

World’s highest earning businesswoman and actress

Sofia Vergara featured in 2020 forbes Highest paid actress in the world. At the time, she was already married to Joe Manganiello. Business magazine credits Colombian woman’s financial success to successful sitcom modern Family, From ABC Channel.

In the role of Gloria Delgado, the actress starred in 11 seasons of the series between 2009 and 2020. forbes, Vergara earned an average of US$500,000 (about R$2.3 million) per episode. The title of the highest paid actress in the North American industry came when the artist earned only US$43 million (over R$205 million). modern Family.

Sofia Vergara joins the reality show after the series’ final season America’s Got Talent, from NBC. Starring as a judge alongside Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum, the actress received approximately $10 million (R$47.8 million) per season. Currently, she has participated in three editions of the program and remains on the jury.

Apart from earning money from her work as an actress, Sofia Vergara is also a business woman. In 2019, Columbian announced a clothing line and eyewear collection with big brands in the US market. After taking the partnership opportunity, she launched her own beauty brand: ‘Toti’.

manganiello net worth

The actor, who has been married to Sofia Vergara for nearly eight years, has amassed a small, but still very expressive, net worth. Joe Manganiello sees his name rise in Hollywood after blockbuster Magic Mike, with Channing Tatum.

To try to replicate the success, he also starred in a sequel to the franchise: magic mike xxl, of 2015, and Magic Mike: The Last Dance2023. The actor was also part of the cast of Spider-Man in 2002 and has participated in successful series like true Blood, on HBO and sitcoms How I Met Your Motherfrom CBS.

Along with Sofia, Manganiello recently bought valuable properties such as a mansion in Beverly Hills that he acquired in June this year. The former couple’s property is valued at US$18 million, a little over R$86 million.

The separation announcement was posted on the website page six Last Monday, 17. In a statement, the two explained that the decision was difficult, but that they are at peace.

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