Pokémon GO has a new feature called Routes.

Niantic has added Pathways, an exciting new feature to Pokémon GO that is the first of its kind, allowing trainers to create content and add it to the game on a massive scale.

Routes are easy to make, trainers just have to arrive at the PokéStop and start walking, then they can share their path with everyone. In addition, trainers who complete the route will receive bonuses, rewards, and a chance to meet different Pokémon with bonuses to experience for completing the route.

With this feature, coaches now have endless opportunities to explore and share their routes with others, whether it’s walking the shortest route to get to all the gyms in the area, or simply walking down a long, beautiful trail. Best of all, Trainers don’t have to open the game while they’re on the Path, as the Path can be completed in Adventure Sync so they can continue to enjoy and explore.

This new feature will start in some regions and will be released worldwide in the coming days. In addition, Mexican coaches will be able to use Routes during Community Day in July next Sunday, July 30, from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm (local time). On the other hand, the luckiest ones will have a chance to catch Polivag, the protagonist of this Community Day, in his colorful state and enjoy the various bonuses available, such as: Lure Modules activated during the longest event, as well as big surprises when taking pictures and much more.

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For more information on routes, community days, special events, and new additions to the game, be sure to follow the official blog and social media. In addition, trainers are reminded to always pay attention to their surroundings and follow the rules of local health authorities when playing Pokémon GO.

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