‘Me Resbala’, ‘Brothers’ and ‘Lazos de Sangre’ are competing for viewers today

‘Me Resbala’, ‘Brothers’ and ‘Lazos de Sangre’ are competing for viewers today

telecinco issue, from 22:00, a new delivery of ‘gives me goosebumps, Florentino Fernandez, Paz Padilla, Santiago Segura, Cristóbal Soria, Juanma Castaño, Raúl Gómez, María Zurita, Anabel Alonso, Edu Soto, Juan Davila, Lorena Castell, Anibal Gómez, JJ Vaquero, Javier Deltel, Paula Pua and Josep Ferre will test their sense of humor and their temperament. Ability to improvise in various tests. ‘Teatro Dependent’, the authentic identification password of the program, ‘Alphabody’, ‘Coriant Words’, ‘Linguistic Tours’, ‘Photomimica’ or ‘Cara o’ aise’ will be some of the challenges of the new version of the program, which will include, in addition to unpublished games. Slips, falls, impossible stairs, allotted situations and above all, humor and entertainment are the key to this place.

antenna 3 Bet, from 22:45 pm, for a new chapter of ‘Brothers, Sevgi apologizes to Suzanne and assures her that he cannot confess to Omer that she is his abuela so as not to disgust him. Omar learns that Ahmet may be his father and asks Suzan. Asiya awaits DNA results to confirm whether Ahmet is Omer’s priest. Find out that the DNA matches 99%: Ahmet is your father. Omar comes home very happy as Suzan has assured him that Ahmet is not her priest. Seeing so happy, Asiya hides a DNA test which shows the opposite.

The history of Meccano, under the magnifying glass of La 1

La 1 issue, from 22:35, a new delivery of ‘Lazos de Sangre’. Meccano is a hit in the history of Spanish pop music. Years go by and your songs keep on playing. ‘Lazos de Sangre’ analyzes the key to their success, and puts special emphasis on the difficult relationship between two brothers with completely opposite personalities, José María and Nacho Cano, and the intermediary role of Ana Torroja, which will end in agony. The personal and creative tensions that drove him to success eventually tore him apart.

Four Issue ‘code 10‘ from 22:55. The program analyzes the profile of a woman recently detained as the alleged author of the murder of a merchant marine, whose fingers were cut off and her dentures removed to avoid identification, and who set fire to a Madrid field. The woman was already involved in the death of a work colleague at her home in what is known as a crime of chivalry. In addition, Space follows Castellon’s escape from prison in the series Asesino. Finally, the case of the disappearance and death of an American woman on the Camino de Santiago is recalled.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence follow each other on Friday

Lasexta bets on 22:30 hours of cinema with ‘Bad Boys for Life’. Years have passed for rebel policemen Marcus Burnett (Will Smith) and Mike Lowrey (Martin Lawrence), so much has changed. Marcus tries to spend more time with his family and thinks that the moment to retire will come. Mike slowed down a little bit just a while ago, but I don’t want to admit it. However, a threat puts Mike’s life in danger and eventually re-engages Marcus. After all, Mike is a family too and he can’t be left alone on missions.

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