maximum speed | The studio was not interested in the film, says the executive

During the 50MPH Podcast, former Vice President of Production of great qualityDawn Granger reveals the unusual way that maximum speed, with success Keanu Reeves it is Sandra Bullockwas approved.

According to the executive, Paramount was not interested in the project, as they thought the idea was “silly”.

He accepted to hear more about the project only if it was pitched as a new sequel. a heavy dutywith the franchisee Eddie Murphy Which was a huge hit at that time.

“I really wanted to make an effort to produce this film. My last ditch effort was to pitch it to our president at lunch as a possible script for Guy Cop 3.”

“They listened to me for 15 minutes before I was removed. This was when we were focused on coming up with an idea for Cop 3, so I thought, ‘Let’s put Axel Foley on a bus.’ This was my last attempt.”

“All I can say is that it would have been a much better movie than what we got with Cop 3, but it was my last attempt at that point.”

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read summary below Maximum speed,

“Howard Payne is a psychopath who is threatening Los Angeles with explosives. Jack Traven is the agent who is closest to capturing him. When Payne plants a bomb on a bus, Jack must evacuate the passengers without slowing the vehicle below 50 mph. To complicate matters, the driver, Annie, has never driven a bus before.”

Maximum speed now on the list star+,

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