Matt Damon Says Why It Was “Hell” To Kiss Scarlett Johansson In The Film

on display with oppenheimeractor Matt Damon recalled in an interview to promote the film directed by Christopher Nolan when you need a kiss Scarlett Johansson in a comedy scene we bought a Zoo (2011).

If you thought Damon envisioned this as a very euphoric moment, you’d be sadly mistaken. Incredibly, Officer Leslie Groves’ interpreter oppenheimer Revealed that laying your lips on one of Hollywood’s biggest stars wasn’t pleasant at all.

Matt said that, prior to the kissing sequence, Scarlett had eaten an onion sandwich and that her co-worker’s specific state of breath turned the recording into “hell” (via The Independent):

Can you imagine how terrible that was for me? We went to lunch and he and I thought we were done. She had an onion sandwich for lunch and went in and Cameron Crowe had set up the camera and it was a very close-up shot of the kiss, and he said, ‘Oh shit, I literally just ate an onion sandwich!’

In the interview, Damon said that he kept making fun of Johansson for having “onion breath” during the rest of the scene. what is the situation!

matt damon revealed oppenheimer

Participated in talks with journalists Emily BluntShe plays biologist Kitty Oppenheimer, wife of physicist Robert Oppenheimer, the creator of the atomic bomb, in the theatrical film.

Despite a very good start last Thursday (20), we told you here oppenheimer failed to achieve similar box office numbers as barbieWhich is the biggest opening ever in the United States.

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