Margot Robbie is a victim of xenophobia because of her Australian accent

Margot Robbie’s becoming more and more fans since she was chosen to play the doll barbie in the film of the same name. Apart from pouring her soul into acting, the actress is also surprising netizens with her choices looks like As far as premiere Production of.

However, not all Internet users were pleased with the choice of Greta Gerwig, the director of the feature. Some Americans complained that Margot’s Australian accent was out of character and criticized her for it. Facebook. But, it is important to remember that the actress was born in Dalby, Australia.

I don’t like it on the press tour she’s using her Australian accent like she wants to tell people she’s a good actress or something because her American English sounds good.

Salary of Millions (Literally!)

also with the haters, Margot Robbie’s pocket is still full of money. According to Cakeknowledge websiteBarbie Interpreter earns about nine million and 600 thousand reais in each of her productions. Besides earning a lot of money at work, she also closes several partnerships that bring in a lot of money – around 760 thousand reais.

It is worth remembering that Ghori is a poster girl Channel and has already been a part of many successful films, such as Birds of Prey, Suicide Squad, it is once upon a time in hollywood, Who can! Ahead, check out some fun facts about Margot Robbie.


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