List of 10 videos on YouTube that are trending today in Colombia

You can find all kinds of videos on YouTube, from tutorials to so-called ASMR. (Infobay/Jovani Perez)

Since its appearance in 2005, youtube has become one of the most important websites in the modern world, becoming a global phenomenon that has revolutionized the way audiovisual content is consumed.

Currently, other Social Networks As TikTok, Facebook or Instagram are betting more and more for video, it is clear that YouTube remains the king and test the statistics: it is the second most visited electronic site in the world after Google; Furthermore, it has a presence in 104 countries and is available in 80 languages.

Similarly, the American platform uploads around 500 hours of content per minute and is believed to see five thousand million videos per day. Income Estimated at $15 billion per quarter.

Given the ease with which users can get lost in the world of clips, YouTube has created several lists to consult the most listened to, most viewed artists and trends of the day in real time.

Here is a list of 10 new videos that are trending in Colombia this Sunday, July 23rd:

1. S91
Artist/Channel: Karol G

Two. On fire
Artist/Channel: SOG, Ryan Castro and Peso Pluma

3. shaka laka
Artist/Channel: Yellin La Mas Viral y 6ix9ine

4. low and battery
Artist/Channel: Resident

5. Seven
Artist/Channel: Jung Kook

6. Richie Rich
Artist/Channel: Cosculuela

7. b2b
Artist/Channel: Cosculuela

8. K-pop (Official Music Video)
Artist/Channel: The Weeknd, Bad Bunny and Travis Scott

9. Viggy
Artist/Channel: Young Miko

10. Lala (AI)
Artist/Channel: Kruegerfn

*Many titles in the ranking may be repeated due to the fact that some may be official videos and others may be song lyrics.

YouTube was one of the most sought after topics in 2022. (EFE)

“From Home” artists dominated this list Most viewed YouTube videos in Colombia in 2022Along with Shakira, Karol G, J Balvin and Rav Alejandro are artists who can best position themselves in the ranking of the most reproduced.

The number one spot in the 10 most viewed YouTube videos in Colombia in 2022 was for “Te Felicito”. shakira ft. Rav Alejandro; Then came J Balvin and his “In the Ghetto”.

in the list he followed the collaboration of the Colombian Karol ji y Myke Towers for “Favorite”; This was followed by his collaboration with Karol G for “MAMIII”; and later his breakthrough “Provenza”.

Video for “Tacones Rojos” sebastian travel, followed by “Pioneer” by Tawny ft. J Balvin, Ozuna and Anuel AA; Rau Alejandro’s “La Tripleta” also featured J Balvin and Tyga.

In the ninth place I studied “Qué Calor” J Balvin and closed the list with the song “Pepus” by Nicky Jam and Faruko.

The success of these videos is a testament to the popularity of Latin music around the world and how Colombian artists are helping to put Colombian music on the map through this 2023, the popularity of Latin music continues to grow.

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