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Between January and July 2023 Ministry of Health (Minsa) has conducted over 45,000 mental health teleorientations through Line 113option 5. Ana Cecilia Inglis Cornejo, director of Infosalud, announced this during the service fair held at the Gamarra shopping center, dedicated to the 22nd anniversary of serving the population.

“Line 113 offers TV guide and consulting services. Option 5 is very important because it provides mental health and links directly to specialized TV guide consultants and psychologists. So far this year, we have answered approximately 45,000 effective calls,” the specialist said.

The main topics of consultation are, among others, related to mood problems, anxiety, stress, information from local mental health centers, suicidal behavior, violence against women, alcohol and drug use.

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In addition, the areas with the most services are: Metropolitan Lima (9924), San Juan de Lurigancho (6192), San Martin de Porres (4848), San Miguel (4368), Ate (3212), Comas (3200), Villa El Salvador (2700) and others.

Through this space, Minsa aims to provide prevention information and advice on this public health issue, as well as emotional support in the face of problems or situations that people find difficult to face.

If necessary, the user of the service may be referred to a medical institution or community mental health center for specialized care. “Line 113 operates around the clock, our specialists are available to the public 365 days a year without interruption,” added Ana Inglis.

In addition, depending on the needs of the person, you can choose from the following options:

· Option 1: Dengue fever or diseases associated with rain and landslides.

Option 2: Guillain-Barré Syndrome

· Option 3: medicine, family and pregnancy planning, healthy eating, vaccines and nursing.

· Option 4: Comprehensive health insurance (SIS).

· Option 5: mental health and psychology.

· Option 6: wellness campaigns, procedures, etc.

· Option 7: National Health Authority (Susalud).

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