KOI against the Heretics, the longest derby in history

hourJust a week ago, the VALORANT Last Chance Qualifier started. He did it with KOI against Team Heretics., two of the three Spanish representatives of the all-or-nothing tournament. What we didn’t know was that it would be much more.

This game It was the start of the longest derby in history.. Not wanting to come up with that “classic” terminology that has had so many fights, it was a derby in the VCT, it was in the LEC, and while he’s harder to defend as such in the Super League, it’s true that he has a special flair.

Three meetings in six days

Meeting LCQ was last Wednesday 19th. KOI won with a very tight score of 2-1, in which we live a lot of junk from the players, even earlier, with statements from Benjyfishi and in the game when Kelokz ordered to be silenced. After meeting, Ibai responded to these gestures, visibly annoyed, “tell me to shut up my dick.”

Ibai explodes after defeating the Heretics

This was heavily criticized by heretic aficionados, who understand that this is a bad act on the part of one of the great figures of KOI. And this extended to the networks, in which many Kaffirs spoke badly about this or that team, to no avail attacking the players and fans.

mix wellthe Heretics player decided to post a video on Twitter last Sunday explaining his point of view on the confrontation, and let me know you don’t like it: “I’m in Heretics and the rivalry between KOI and Heretics stems from what happened before I was on the team. And I don’t feel comfortable being in the middle of it“.

This makes it clear that the situation was not very good for the players, but also for other workers. Ulysses, VALORANT LVP caster, reveals the attacks he received after the match fans of both teams.

This situation, however, has nothing to do with trash talk and celebration. As content creators like Black have rightly pointed out, stories and celebrations bring matches to life. The problem is where the disrespect is.

The story has been filed, and last saturday gave KOI heretics again, this time in the LEC, which the heretics presented under the title “More than Rivalry”. The match was won by the Madrid team and they celebrated with a tweet mentioning that it was a rematch for LCQ.

The LEC match was a win for Heretics, but with a KOI far ahead on the first of the maps. Even Fer Cardenete commented on this on Twitter, which was more of a failure of the KOI than a credit to the Heretics: since you should never lose a match where you’re 7k up at 25 minutes and you’re pushing inhibitor towers with nashor.

And finally Today, July 25, this crazy week ends for us.. Even though the matchup between Heretics and LEC KOI didn’t generate as much controversy on networks, In this case, the Superleague player could bring him. Today at 18:00 between the two teams with the most fans in our country will be all or nothing, the biggest LoL competition in Spain.

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