Johnny Depp found unconscious and shows canceled

recently, Johnny Depp Scared his team a lot. According to The Daily News Hungary, the actor was found unconscious in a hotel room in Budapest, Hungary.

The artist required medical care and his band The Hollywood Vampires’ show that night was canceled and the following day’s performance was also cancelled.

Also according to the publication, shortly before he was found, Depp was seen drinking alcohol and looking unwell. In a note, the band explained that the shows were canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Apparently, Johnny has recovered and has performed with his band at concerts in Germany and Poland.

Financial problems?

After receiving part of the compensation from the ex-wife Amber HeardJohnny Depp surprised by requesting a millionaire loan from a bank in the United States, before starting his tour in the United Kingdom, with US$1 million (R$4.8 million) and the amount to be donated to charity.

According to the newspaper “Daily Mirror”, the actor may have taken a loan of US$10 million to cover the cost of renovating his house in West Hollywood.

According to some sources, it is because the actor is facing financial problems after spending millions of dollars on his legal battle against his ex-wife. It is not known whether the actor intends to sell the mansion to renovate it or whether he will reside there again.

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