Jennifer Lopez turns up the temperature with an intimate photo of Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Be one of the most loved couples in the show world. Though their paths parted for nearly 20 years, the actors reunited in the spring of 2021 and have been together ever since.

last Sunday, jlo I published unpublished photos of her husband on Instagram. This is how the singer also decided to celebrate Father’s Day.

However, the publication is generally reviewed among Internet users and not by dedicated messaging, but by intimate pose Where you can see Ben Affleck, 50.

JLo guesses Ben Affleck’s sexuality


Jennifer Lopez didn’t want to let Father’s Day pass her by and used her social networks to create a pair of public domain unpublished photos In ben affleckCon que contrajo matrimonio en julio de 2022.

“A post of appreciation from Dad. Happy Father’s Day, daddy! Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there! We love you and appreciate you more than you will know,” Jennifer wrote on the photo. raise the temperature,

Jennifer Lopez and her intimate area tattoo

Jennifer Lopez I posted a post on Instagram that surprised his followers, left to find the last post Tattoo dedicated to Ben Affleck, Amid rumors of a crisis, many took it as a vote of confidence for the couple who have been at the center of criticism in recent months.

If the tattoo was done in a fever to celebrate San Valentin, social networks are now in an uproar, which JLo speculated in front of her more than 247 million followers on Instagram. Within hours the publication had received over half a million likes.

The second page six, the image carousel, aims to promote Lopez’s new design of shoes with Revolve, a shopping site with which she joined this year’s Dine. And for this reason I resorted to a very colorful patbo dress which has openings in the back and sides.

This product is the only way to appreciate paint in its own way Chest, In addition, in the same production she also wore a pink dress and a transparent dress with crystals and feather sandals.

Jennifer Lopez got a tattoo in honor of Ben Affleck


Jennifer Lopez got a tattoo in honor of Ben Affleck

It appears that JLo’s tattoo design features an infinity symbol with the names “Jennifer” and “Ben” indicating that they will always be together. An arrow from Cupid pierces the figure, referring to their great love.

Affleck’s design is similar, as it has two criss-crossed arrows joined by a string in the middle. The initials “J” and “B” can be seen at the top and bottom tattoo,

Ben Affleck also got a tattoo in JLo’s honor


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