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WARNING: TEXT CONTAINS failed And tells the end of the film.

Since Thursday (20), cinemas around the world have been awash in pink in celebration of the film’s release. “Barbie”, work, starring margot robbie it is Ryan Gosling, struck a chord with doll fans and haters alike and proved to be a huge success with audiences and critics alike. Director Greta Gerwig told us a little about the writing process for the final scene, and specifically the final line.

The scene takes place shortly after Barbie meets her creator, Ruth Handler, and depicts the process of becoming human. With the possibility at hand, she chooses to go to the real world rather than return to the pink universe of Barbieland, accepting her humanity.

At the last moment, Barbie is transported to a place we don’t recognize until she says,I have an appointment with my gynecologist, In a joke that references another moment in the film and that plays off the fact that neither the doll nor Kane have genitals, this humorously ends the film, but the director reveals that there are other things behind it.

Margot Robbie as BarbieEven Barbie’s party begins to be affected by her existential crisis (Photo: reproduction/YouTube)

imperfections in a perfect world

,I knew I wanted to end it with a joke, but I also find it very touching.”, said Greta USA Today, ,When I was a teenager, I remember feeling embarrassed about my body and feeling ashamed in a way I can’t even describe. I felt like hiding everything,

Throughout the film, Barbie is played by Margot – who is described as “conservative barbie” – he begins to face a crisis with his image and desires, from cellulite to so-called “thoughts of death.” For most of the film, Barbie’s only wish is to return to her perfect life.

Despite understanding that the human world cannot be as flawless as hers, Barbie understands the beauty that exists in imperfections. Authentic feelings are only possible because we too experience pain and suffering. Fascinated by the complexity of our world, she chooses to become human and leave the universe plastic and pink.

greta gerwigDirector Greta Gerwig at the premiere of “Barbie” (Photo: Reproduction/InStyle)

coming out of the box

Among the various topics addressed by the film, Greta had previously commented on the context of puberty and growth. Feminine maturity is recurring in Greta’s other works, such as “lady bird – time to fly” it is “lovely ladies”, And even the world’s most famous doll had to deal with the changes.

,Seeing Margot as Barbie, with a big smile on her face, finally saying what she says with such joy was like I can give girls that ‘Barbie does it’ feeling.” she commented in the interview.

The film set a record for the second biggest public opening in Brazilian theaters and was an overwhelming success.

Featured photo: Barbie in her perfect pink world. playback/splash uol

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