How to Wear a Minidress Sweatshirt and Sandals Like Rihanna

Rihanna enforces her own fashion rules, No one has earned the title of leader in trends by doing what everyone else is doing. No, she totally sells La Calle with an unexpected look, but without sacrificing her beauty.

umbrella singer Thanks to the revival of the year 2000, I wore the pants long before they became fashionable again. The star also dared to step out with the cute hat, even though it was a risky choice. your final offer? wear a hooded sweatshirt as a dress, And what is bigger, looks beautiful.

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The star showed up at her favorite Santa Monica restaurant, Giorgio Baldi’s, with the look. take one Sweatshirt with Hood Gray Oversize (probably from her own line, Savage x Fenty), which appeared as a dress under a brown coat with a snakeskin print. The result was great, mainly because I combined it with Featuring stiletto heels, It also earned extra points for a bag bearing the Louis Vuitton logo.

If you just wear a hooded sweatshirt, it can look like you just rolled out of bed. But it is clear that the right accessories and shelter can instantly enhance the casual look and give it a more elegant look. and yes you can hooded dress It’s in fashion in Hollywood right now, but Rihanna says hooded dresses matter and then there’s a difference.

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