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“The joys of life, to enjoy health, family, friends and discover together the wonders that the world has to offer,” is the phrase that Adamari Lopez told her fans about how her trip to different places in Europe is progressing in the company of 17 close relatives.

For now, the former Telemundo host is walking the streets of Portugal before heading with the rest of her loved ones to the next country of the itinerary: France.

Adamari Lopez goes through a “delicate situation” with her family and travels to the sanctuary of the Virgin of Fatima.

Adamari Lopez’s visit to Portugal

Adamari Lopez began her journey on July 16 with her family, although more recently her daughter Alaia joined the team, enjoying the start of the holidays with her father Tony Costa.

From the photos and videos shared by the Puerto Rican, it was possible to learn that together they had a good walk around the city of Lisbon, visited the sanctuary of the Virgin of Fatima and even posed next to the famous Rua Augusta arch.

They later moved to Porto, where they visited iconic sites such as the San Luis Bridge, as well as where they hope to fly to their next destination.

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Rest of your European itinerary

As published by MDZ, it was in an extensive Facebook video where Adamari announced what his European tour would be, in which he is expected to travel to France shortly and then travel by train to Switzerland, and from that country they will also travel by train to Germany.

The family will then travel to Scotland to finally arrive in London, which will be the last city on their tour.

Of course, she and her loved ones will take the time to visit each of the places they visit, with the goal that Adamari can show her daughter something of the world, so that “she will have those memories of when mom took her on a trip.”


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