Healthy eating: Florida ranks 7th for interest in the US

Florida is in seventh place with 1,789 average monthly health food searches per 100,000 residents. Illustrative image

Colorado leading in the ranking of states with the greatest interest in healthy eatingBye Florida ranks seventh in a recent study by Health Great Green Wall, A health information website. This analysis assessed the number of search queries for terms related to healthy eating based on USA V Google.

During the investigation, it was found that the Colorado It has the largest number of consultations per 100,000 inhabitants, which indicates the great interest of residents in a balanced diet. With a monthly average of 2,114 searches, this state solidified its first place with 9.7% more than the next state, Arizona, in terms of monthly searches. Importantly, Colorado also has the third highest rate of adult obesity in the nation, according to data. Overview of world population.

Arizona And Utah They are in second and third place respectively. The former, with a population of 7,359,197, registers 140,558 searches every month, which is 19,010 searches per 100,000 people. Utah, on the other hand, averages 1,831 searches per month per 100,000 residents and is one of the states with the lowest rates of childhood obesity, according to Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Florida is in seventh place with 1,789 average monthly health food searches per 100,000 residents. (Illustrative image by Infobae)

In the following territories Texas, New York, Massachusetts and Florida they also stand out in terms of finding information about healthy eating. In seventh position, the terms that were least searched for were “how to eat right”, “Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas” and “Healthy Chicken Salad Recipe”community Massachusettsfor example, shows great interest in simple recipes and realistic health.

Completing the list of the top ten, Nevada, California and Virginia They are in the last positions, although this does not mean that they show less interest in maintaining a balanced diet. For example, in CaliforniaThe state, known for its large number of health influencers such as the TikTok star @violet.cooks, averages 1,703 monthly searches per 100,000 residents.

The study also identified conditions USA who are at the bottom of the rankings for interest in a balanced diet. A total of 914 consultations per month for every 100,000 people. Mississippi tops the list of regions least obsessed with healthy eating.

West Virginia, which receives just 958 Google searches per month per 100,000 people about healthy eating, ranks just ahead of Mississippi. Colorado, meanwhile, is showing more than twice as much interest in healthy eating as that state.

Mississippi, Least Engaged State: Only 914 health food inquiries per month per 100,000 people.

Alaska It ranks third in this ranking with 1,008 monthly Google searches for every 100,000 people on topics related to healthy eating. Data from Alaska Department of Health show that about 67% of adults in the state are overweight or obese.

representative Great Green Wall Health He noted on the website that searches related to healthy eating reach millions each month in the United States, and that this study provides an interesting insight into where those searches mostly come from. In addition, he stressed the importance of combining a healthy diet with an active lifestyle to improve both the physical health and mental well-being of the population.


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