Grupo Frontera didn’t know Bad Bunny would sing with them – extra

Grupo Frontero revealed that they were not aware that they had recorded the smash hit “Un x100to” with Bad Bunny, which they wanted, but their composer said that the conductor was a huge star and was completely out of their league.

“A x100to started in Washington, we gathered there with our composer, Edgar Barrera, instead of listening to songs recorded with us, Grupo Frontera Nomas, without any artist in mind. And we said to Edgar: ‘How would you make Bud Bunny sing’ and he said to us: “A little quiet is a big deal”, commented the band’s singer Pio Solis.

The musicians recorded the song without any artist collaboration and started shooting the videoclip without waiting for the tremendous surprise prepared by the musician.

“The day we shot the video, we told ourselves we were going to record with Bad Bunny. We took a turn with the version we recorded in others, then Edgar enters and tells us: let’s change it a little. Suddenly we saw a Vaato, medium height, medium handsome, serious face, walking slowly towards us and we all screamed”, expressed on YouTube channel Genius.

Thus was born the hit that became the band’s anthem, playing on stations all over the world.

first trip

The northern music band will visit our country for the first time this July 29 in the framework of its tour “El Cominzo”, which will also be accompanied by BM, Migrants and the national groups Zapiaguar and Mama Santa.

Tickets are still on sale via Passline and Ticketia, 90% of the 3rd ticket is sold out and the price will go up in the next few hours once it’s verified and you run out of tickets.

The mega event will take place at the Jockey Club Paraguay and is produced by Garcia Group, VHR Music and MB Pro Eventos.

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