Gearbox Games will have an interactive series where the audience will decide the finalists

Luego confirms launch of ‘Borderlands’ starring Cate Blanchett Kevin HartGenwid Entertainment and Gearbox Entertainment have announced that it will release on 9th August 2024 ,interactive broadcast series“Called ‘Borderlands EcoVision Live.

Announced at San Diego Comic-Con, this series based in the ‘Borderlands’ universe is planned to be a “narrative experience in development where all members of the audience participate“. From the creators of ‘Silent Hill: Ascension,’ this studio seeks proposals for multiple viewer-inspired finales. This new Gearbox project is described as

“Publics around the world will determine whether these completely new characters go from zero to heroes, how to handle the presidency, how they relate to each other and what kind of personality, and future Vault Hunter, each of them is.”

“Fans will have a direct and lasting impact on the history and characters of Borderlands: EchoVision Live, a narrative experience in development in which all members of the audience participate in the decisions made throughout history and collectively experience a shared outcome”.

Just like in ‘Silent Hill: Ascension’, At the moment it is not confirmed on which platform the series will be available From ‘Borderlands EcoVision Live’. What do you want to allow the public to do?interact“With plot events, it can be expected that there will be multiple finales or significant events based on the decisions taken in the series, as we have seen in some shows like ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ that introduce this system and have multiple consequences in the plot.

On the other hand, neither has been told when this interactive series will come, but we know what it is about “The adventures of eight unsuspecting tourists abandoned in Eden-6 who find themselves in danger after going on an ‘adventure safari’ to follow in the Vault Hunters’ footsteps and bask in their glory.,

If it was smaller, then the studio in charge also works in one “interactive series“From DC, this is their third project if we consider ‘Silent Hill: Ascension’ and ‘Borderlands EcoVision Live’.

Zenvid Entertainment and Gearbox Entertainment are yet to confirm the release date and the platform through which the series will be available. It would also be interesting to know if it will count with doblaje in our language or whether it will be limited to being a subtitulada en español.

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