From physical glue to virtual glue

more than five months in case of glue Five weeks is some time to wait to see Taylor Swift in Buenos Aires or Harry Styles in Barcelona The d’Orbitado is managed by this season and is extended every year.

Placing orders on a scale of these dimensions would not be easy, so each group of “fans” has its own rules to avoid conflict, especially on the day of the concert. There’s always someone who wants to stop by without having to wait at least a few hours. harry styles case It is paradigmatic because its followers are already established in a form of organization that has been in use since One Direction’s time. At a recent concert in Barcelona, ​​the first people to arrive at the doors of the Olympic Stadium arrived five weeks in advance.

Marta, an ardent follower of the British artist, tells that her group performed when I thought there were already people applying glue. Marta Lou Forman T’s WhatsApp GroupReanta people who were known at previous concerts of the superstar of British pop.

was there upon arrival at the Estadio Olimpico Another similar gang formed by another twenty “fans” who had settled down with sleeping bags due to stadium security. You are not making any policy nor are you taking mattresses for setting up campaigns. In that harsh and sacrificial way, Marta spent six nights in the open air, which is little if you consider that the wait was 40 days.

conserva el turno

The way to do more of this is to organize yourself into groups and follow norms: the first is to agree with other groups so that it is clear where de cada uno en la cola general; Then you have to organize yourself internally to determine the order of entry into the concert Within the group itself, for which it is possible to use an Excel page, where the hours spent by each person out of doors are indicated.

La accounting tien su complicidad: la noche sule sule telling doble, hey who accumulates the minimum hours to follow in the group, veces allow us to be personality that there is no la glue to parse otra, puedes go to lavabo oy buy food, perro mulch, penalizon si te olths in el axel y luego each group.

In addition, extraneous elements may arise that complicate the subject, as in the case of Harry Styles in Barcelona, ​​where followers will meet. With another concert, by Beyoncé, and the person responsible for security at the Olympic Stadium said they would have to be escorted to the door.

The campers did not want to leave because they feared they would leave the site, but concert security said they already knew them and would not allow others to be together, so they temporarily moved to the main entrance and returned when Beyoncé’s audience had left.

skins in the network

Other problems can also arise, such as unpleasant fights with insults and serious threats that sometimes break out in the network between those involved. Campers and those who want to be in the first row but can’t go to glue. In the case of the Harry Styles concert, Marta assures that she was scared because she was afraid that those who insulted her on the nets would go to the stadium and things would get to her.

“People we knew from other gatherings used to insult us and were very aggressive – they even shared the telephone number of one of them we were gluing and started making threats directly on their mobiles,” he said.

“They criticized us because they said they worked And I could not come – says a friend of Marta – but this is not true, I work as a monitor and I can work my hours, I also have friends who live in Mallorca and Malaga who come several weekends before a concert for their work. Luckily, since everyone came together on the same day, the day of the Harry Styles concert in Barcelona was a quiet one.

time or money

Being in the first row is not an easy task, but the followers whoIt convinces you it’s worth it: “It’s the only way to see it well because if you’re behind you cover people”, comments a “fan” of Styles. There’s another way to get to the first rows: buy a much more expensive ticket in the VIP area. A system of being first that requires money, not time.


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