For “The Town 2023”, there will be a special service on train lines serving the Brewery.

at the Interlagos Racetrack, and participants will be able to use a special train service to get there. ViaMobilidade, the concessionaire responsible for lines 8 – Diamante and 9 – Esmeralda, will offer express and semi-express trains to facilitate travel to the festival. Special passports can now be bought here


The main benefits for passport holders are the comfort of special trains and faster travel by appointment. Express service will board at Baruéri stations on Line 8-Diamante and Pinheiros stations on Line 9-Esmeralda. The semi-express will depart from the stations Brauerei, Carapiquiba, Osasco, Pinheiros, Vila Olympia, Berini, Morumbi and Santo Amaro.

For both Express and Semi-Express services, alighting will be at Autodromo station on Line 9-Esmeralda, less than 700 meters from the access gate. There will be no disruption in the regular operations of Line 8 and 9, which will operate normally.

During “The Town” days, lines 4-Yellow, 5-Lilac, 8-Diamond and 9-Emerald will be open for 24 hours.

biggest festival

“The Town 2023” is the biggest music, culture and arts festival. The event is modeled by Brazilian businessman Roberto Medina, who is also the producer of Rock in Rio. There will be more than 235 hours of music in 5 stages with visuals inspired by the icons of São Paulo architecture, and the greatest variety of rhythms: from jazz to hip-hop, pop to rock.

Post Malone, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, Demi Lovato, Alok and Foo Fighters are among the highlights of the first edition. Full schedule and tickets available here site.

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