Festival de Venecia: A luxury cartel with the return films of Sofia Coppola, Fincher and Woody Allen

Sofia Coppola, David Fincher and Woody Allen

Drama of Bradley Cooper About this Leonard Bernstein conductora film by sofia coppola About this priscilla presley, Ferrari In Michael Mann, murderer In david fincher or Original In ava duvernay This fall will make its world debut at the Festival International di Cine de Venecia.

Organizers this month announced the poster for the festival’s 80th edition, in which, despite the flashy names behind the films, if Hollywood’s hubris of actors and screenwriters continues, next September there could be less Hollywood glamor in its painted ladies and red carpet decorations. As part of Huelga, actors cannot promote projects of studios and streamers with those negotiating the union.

The prestigious film festival has already lost a high-profile premiere due to labor struggles in the United States: a drama about tennis challengersIn Luca Guadagninostarring ZendayaWhich would have premiered on opening night, but has now been pushed to 2024 alberto barberaThe director of the Festival de Venecia said that Huelgas’ influence on the festival’s programming has been minimal.

In “Challengers,” Zendaya plays Tashi Duncan, a former tennis prodigy turned coach and a natural force who is unapologetic about her game on and off the court. (Warner Bros.)

priscillaAn A24 film based on the memories of Priscilla Presley elvis and meis played by cali spanny or Jacob Elordi And it was widely expected that he would be at the festival. Coppola also starred somewhere In Venice in 2010. priscilla will compete for the next El Leon de Oro Ferrarison of a career drama starring adam driver As enzo ferrari or Penelope Cruz as his wife Laura, based on the biography of brock yates,

expected poor peopleIn yorgos lanthimosTogether Emma Stone or mark ruffalo, will also be present at the Lido. lanthimos or stern Favorite In Venice in 2019, where I got 10 Oscar nominations and one win.

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duvernay’s movie, OriginalOn the other hand, it is based on the book Caste and in the life of its author, Pulitzer winner Isabel Wilkerson, starred in the film Anjanew Ellis-Taylor,

Bradley Cooper as Leonard Bernstein in “The Maestro”

Netflix will once again have a spectacular presence at the festival conductordirected by and starring Cooper as the great musician carey mulligan as Felicia Montealegre, and el asesinoby Fincher, with Michael Fassbender In the role of Assassin. series includes el condeIn pablo larcena black comedy in which Augusto Pinochet you are a vampire One of the most anticipated competition titles MemoryIn michelle francoTogether jessica chastain or peter skarsgard,

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Venecia has never been the kind of festival that rejects controversial directors and programs new films so much as Roman Polanski In form of Woody Allen,

Niels Schneider and Lou de Lage in “Coup de Chance” with Woody Allen

Polanski returns for the first time since 2019 PalaceAbout a night in a swiss hotel in 1999 John Cleese or mickey rourke, Allen premieres his first French film, Cup of Chance led by the entire cast of this country Lou de Lage, Melville Poupaud, Valéry Lemercier, Niels Schneider or Elsa ZilbersteinAbout the love story between two young friends whose bond leads to marital infidelity and ultimately crime.

Luc BessonRecently removed from office in a case of violation, will also remain on Lido dogmanstarring Caleb Landry Jones,

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The jury presiding over the main competition this year is comprised of high-level directors such as Damien Chazelle, Jane CampionMartin McDonagh y la ganadora del león de oro del ano pasado, laura poitras,

In addition to the films of Polanski and Allen, they also compete The Amazing Story of Henry SugarIn Wes AndersonInspired by Roald DahlTogether Benedict Cumberbatch, Dev Patel or Ralph Fiennes, Agro Dr1ftIn harmony korine, hitmanIn richard linklater, Menu Plaisir – Les TroisgrosIn Frederick Wiseman, or Caen Rebellion Court-martialIn William Friedkin,

Wes Anderson (Reuters/Eric Gillard)

Venice is one of the main launch platforms for award aspirants and over the years, it has premiered Oscar-nominated films whale, the banshees of inishrein, Tar, dog power, a star is born or La la Land, It’s also the first major stop in the busy fall film festival season, followed by Toronto, Telluride, and New York.

Like the Cannes Film Festival, celebrities become part of Venice’s iconography: think about it Lady Gaga Encountering a water taxi with your black bodysuit on Jonathan SimkhaiAnn Timothée Chalamet Luciendo Ese Red Backless Top Haider Ackermann, The previous year also resulted in plenty of viral moments due to “Don’t Worry Darling” and part of the alleged “Escupitajo-gate”, which left Internet viewers wondering whether Harry Styles i cared for your co-star Chris Pine at the premiere of the film.

It is still unclear whether any Hollywood talent will be able to make the trip this year. For now, Barbera has said that some actors and actresses may not attend, but, without going into details, he has said that talents from independent cinema can grace the red carpet and press wheels. The Venice Festival will be held from 30 August to 9 September.

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