ESRB wants to scan your face to see if you’re old enough to play Fortnite

Epic Games recently ran into trouble after being sued for $500 million for violating COPPA, which protects the privacy of minors online. The ESRB, the body in charge of classifying games, wants to see fewer of these issues, and so it has proposed scanning players’ faces to determine if they are of legal age.

how does it count GamesIndustry.bizThe ESRB has proposed a face-scanning system to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The idea is that this technology is used to verify that people who want to play online games are really adults or do so with their permission.

The offer was made in conjunction with SuperAwesome, a subsidiary of Epic Games and Yoti. The idea is that before purchasing a game, users should take a picture of their face, which will be uploaded for verification. The photo will be sent to Yoti’s servers so that age can be assessed there and whether it is of legal age can be determined. After verification, the photo is “permanently deleted.”

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If the system determines that the person in the photo is an adult, it will receive a green light. This will activate the account and allow games like Fortnite to collect information about the user. This will prevent such games from violating the COPPA law.

This proposal caused some surprises. The above, while the ESRB guarantees that this is an optional and optional verification method, is considered by many to be dangerous. After all, this is considered a violation of privacy and is reminiscent of systems like those in China that restrict access to games for young people.

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