Ensuring the effectiveness of the right to health is one of the priorities of the current public administration: Ayde Ibares

* SSG conducts training on “Communication skills: for a more humane healthcare”.

* It aims to draw the attention of medical staff to the importance of good communication with the patient and his family.

Chilpancingo, Gros, July 24, 2023 – “Reviving hope in the most marginalized communities” through improved health services is one of the goals of the new public health policy of the governments of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Governor Evelyn Salgado Pineda, said Head of the Secretariat of Health Guerrero Ayde Ibares Castro during the opening of the training “Communication skills: for more concern for human health.”

The training aims to inform medical staff based on scientific evidence about the importance of developing sensitive and effective communication skills for teaching and promoting healthcare. It will take place this Monday and Tuesday in the assembly hall of the Raimundo Abarca Alarcón General Hospital.

Ibarez Castro emphasized the importance of such training as it helps medical staff to be more empathetic and communicate better with patients and their families in order to improve care for the people of Guerrero.

The topics that will be covered during this training will be taught by Professor Paulina Kyros Friedman, a psychologist at the National Institute of Health Sciences and Nutrition. Salvador Subirana in Mexico City, and Dr. Sofia Sanchez Roman, head of the Department of Psychology at the same institute.

In his welcoming remarks, Deputy Minister for Disease Prevention and Control, Jesús Ulises Adame Reina, explained that learning to use verbal and non-verbal speech, observing, listening, empathy is a huge effort that medical staff must make, as well as setting goals to achieve communicative interaction so that they meet the requirements and requirements that the population receiving medical services requires every day.

Also present were the State Mental Health and Addictions Coordinator Silvia Adelina Benítez Almasan, Director of Raimundo Abarca Alarcón General Hospital José Antonio Ramirez Ríos, and staff from Sanitary Jurisdiction 03, Center.




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