Doja Cat lambasted her followers for being her fans; “Yo ni los conozco”

Ale doja cat fan going through a moment of turmoil after The singer will engage in a series of problematic conversations with her fans on the social network, Despite its musical success and its growing popularity, it seems Doja Cat is not immune to cancellation culture,

During the weekend, Doja Cat I make derogatory comments about the official nickname of their fanatics, who calls himself ‘Katenz’ in honor of his artistic name. However, the singer expressed her disapproval of the name in a tweet which was later deleted. He criticized his followers by suggesting that instead of calling themselves ‘gattitos’, They should find a job and help their parents in running the household,

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Doja Cat’s reactions to her fans were even more surprising, I already made it clear that I have no positive feelings towards him, When questioned by a fan about the use of the name he had given his followers, Doja Cat excused himself by saying Named when she was a “drunken teenager”, This sparked further frustration and resentment among his followers, who felt that he was not appreciated and devalued.

doja cat continued to answer Hostile and derogatory comments from your fans, even leading to the decision that he doesn’t love his fans because he doesn’t know them all. These statements have demoralized and disappointed many of his followers, as the fan base has always It has been an important part of his career and his success,

Faced with negative reactions from fans, some of them have opted to deactivate their follower accounts. Persistent lack of respect and hostility Doja Cat has prompted many to question her loyalty and support Hasiya la artist.

Since these events, Doja Cat is silent on social networks. If you believe your account has been deleted, However, the damage has already been done and the effect on their fan base is evident.


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