Does the Mexican National Team Really Need a Mexican Coach?

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Juan Carlos Osorio and Gerardo Martino, the last coaches of the Mexican national team, agree that TRI needs technicians of Mexican origin, not foreigners.

last of the trainers mexican national team The Han were foreigners; Juan Carlos Osorio from Colombia and Gerardo Martino from Argentina, and coincidentally The two agree that TRI needs a Mexican coach.

In recent years, the Mexican Football Federation has committed itself to seek foreign coaches for the Azteca team, but The reality is that the results have been better with the Mexican coach, For example, Mexico won the Copa Confederación in 1999 and Manuel Lapuente’s son had a hazana that Nady managed to match.

“It’s a silla for the Mexican”: ‘Tata’ Martino

Gerardo Martino A good experience during his years in front of Mexico in Tuvo, from Hecho Worst Result Received for TRI in recent times; Qatar has been knocked out from the group stage of the 2022 World Cup. neither will the fourth party And ‘Tata’ exited through the back door and amidst a lot of flak, their story had a great ending.

Gerardo Martino, former coach of the Mexican National Team / Fotografia Mexsport

Somehow, knowing the previous one and seeing how this one was unfolding: it’s a silla for mexican Or someone very familiar with Mexican football. is a question that tends to be associated with an overabundance of patriotism when talking about football where those same people think they have guaranteed representation (of Mexico) with a Suyo.”

Gerardo Martino for Fox Sport

And thanks to that experience, Argentina was able to understand, The Best Option For FMF Is To Get A Mexican CoachSomeone with whom players and fans could feel identification, as noted by Guillermo Ochoa when Jaime Lozano’s arrival at TRI was announced as interim.

Jaime Lozano, interim coach of the Mexican National Team / Fotografia Mexsport

“Eliminate the factor of foreign technician”

Luego that Gerardo Martino resigned from the Mexican National Team, Juan Carlos Osorio declared that the best thing that could happen to Mexican football was to be Mexican. The tricolor bench and as such ‘Tata’ matches in patriotism and that reads from being a negative factor to an advantage.

,To learn more about nationalism from Mexico, It marks patriotism, I repeat to all the people that is in Balompi, but among all, Must eliminate the factor that you are a foreign technician,

Juan Carlos Osorio, former coach of the Mexican national team

Juan Carlos Osorio, former coach of the Mexican National Team / Fotografia Mexsport

Colombian players traveled to Mexico during the 2018 Russia World Cupin that mexico version Germany beat Hirving LozanoA historic result in the Mundiales and Aunk managed to cross at the same time, at least manage to take TRI to the fifth party, something the ‘Tata’ would never have dreamed of.

Could it be that with these two references Jaime Lozano can ensure his continuity at the bank or FMF will try to continue betting on foreigners.

Most winning Mexican technicians with TRI

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