Do you need a virtual appointment at your medical center? Holidays make it hard

If you’ve been trying to book an appointment with your doctor or GP these days through the Sacyl Conecta app, don’t despair. The app does not allow you to book times for several weeks if the medical worker is on vacation. A small glitch in the digital age, but it can be fixed, sometimes thanks to the people who answer the phone, and, above all, thanks to the employees of the health centers themselves, who, busy with the vacation schedule, weave bobbins so that doctors and nurses who have not yet gone on summer vacation or have already returned can come to emergency appointments on the same day.

In León’s health sector, 36 out of 358 nurses assigned to outpatient clinics will be replaced this summer, covering 2,320 shifts. The board itself admits that with regard to family doctors, “the organization will be different because there are no professionals in the stock market, which we have been reporting for more than a year, so the management organizes itself according to its needs.”

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The Ministry of Finance admits that there are no doctors on the stock market, as they have been stigmatizing for a year

Sacyl offers extraordinary afternoon activities and is paid “if needed” and has a regulated and free system and on-demand transportation. But every summer it becomes more difficult to provide health care with fewer hands. And in the dance of the patients, it is noticeable that the operator herself turns to the counter of the medical center in order to force the recording or solve it due to the lack of virtual options. Primary health care emergency services have also faced more “derivative” workload due to some delays in contacting GPs as they are on leave.

Unions have also warned in recent weeks about a shortage of professionals saturating professionals whose turn it is, and talking about the “emergency” the elementary school is in during the summer, leading to a meeting with management in León and looking for solutions with scheduled meetings with the coordinators of each medical center. At stake is maintaining the quality of care, making care accessible to patients, reducing delays, and strengthening the protection of essential rural health areas.

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