Different in Obstetrics? Check out famous singers and their lookalikes who look like twins!

Different in Obstetrics? In recent times, lookalikes of some famous singers have gone viral on the web due to their resemblance to artists from the music world!

+ Marilia Mendonca’s mother Donna Ruth is against those who criticized her for letting her grandson meet the singer’s lookalike

Lady GagaMarilia Mendonça (1995 – 2021), Pablo Vittar and Rihanna are singers who have “lost twins”.

To analyze these cases, Metropolitana FM Made a list comparing the original cast’s lookalikes. Check it out and be amazed!

Lady Gaga – Penelope Jean

Very good! A Gay penelope jeanlooks like a brazilian Lady Gagawas confused withmother Monster‘ at the International Pop Muse presentation during the tour”Chromatica Ball“, which took place in September 2022 in Miami, Florida (USA).

Fans went into a bit of an uproar when Penelope’s character went on the show, and even the security guards were confused!

Marilia Mendonca – Juliana Cavalheiro

Said to be a lookalike of the eternal Marilia Mendonca (1995 – 2021) Juliana CavalheiroA 36-year-old woman from Santa Caterina, known for her incredible physical and vocal resemblance to the Queen of Sofrancia.

Marilia Mendonca and her lookalike Juliana Cavalheiro (Photo: reproduction)

Singer Juliana Cavalheiro, a lookalike of Maria Mendonca (Photo: reproduction)

Marília’s similar-looking trajectory was marked by controversial moments, such as a recent meeting with the singer’s son, little boy Leo, which sparked controversy among Internet users, who considered the situation uncomfortable for the child. Webb reacted negatively to the video, expressing concern about the psychology of the little boy in the face of the situation.

Pablo Vittar – Johan

a fan’s name John Pablo Vittar and the meeting startled internet users, who soon pointed out many similarities!

In a video that went viral on the web, Johan brought a Look The equivalent of the national pop muse. Then Pablo took out his cell phone to send a kiss. Right after the show ended, the singer and fan had an amazing reunion!

Rihanna – Priscilla Beatrice

During the 2022 World Cup, a video from the same sporting event from the 2014 edition resurfaced, with many internet users believing it to be Priscilla Beatrice, Rihanna’s Brazilian lookalike. But what is visible in the footage is Riri herself, with the Brazilian flag around her neck.

Rihanna also commented on a lookalike post. Jokingly, she asked the same question she gets daily from fans of a new music project: “Where’s the album?”. The international pop diva’s comment was also printed and is in a special frame.

Priscilla Beatrice, Rihanna’s lookalike (Photo: reproduction/Instagram)

In a recent interview for TV Globo’s collaborative program ‘Rola das Gerais’ in Minas Gerais, Priscilla revealed that she started being compared to Riri in 2007 and that since 2014 she has been working as the singer’s cover, participating in small shows.

Rihanna’s lookalike Priscilla Beatrice (Photos: reproduction/Instagram)

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