Britney Spears’ ex-boyfriend delays the launch of her book ‘The Woman in Me’

Lawyers for celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Jason Alexander, Colin Farrell and Kevin Federline asked for parts of the book to be edited

The world has high hopes for the launch of Britney Spears’ book. Las Memorias de la Princesa del Pop, title the woman inside me (La mujer dentro de miel), will detail the most delicate and controversial moments of his life.

The launch date of the book is already in place. It will reach libraries on October 24. Although it was supposed to come out much earlier, it was delayed because his former teammates reviewed what he had been told through their lawyers and requested that some parts were edited out.

Britney’s memoirs faced censorship which suspended printing and marketing for four months. The relationships the actress described in her memoir date back to her early adulthood, including romances with Justin Timberlake, Jason Alexander, Colin Farrell, and the father of her two children, dancer Kevin Federline.

According to a report published by, Colin and Justin were among those called out for not publishing some details of the intimacy they both experienced. The quoted medium says that there are intense discussions between the parties on what can or cannot be published.

But in the end they reached an agreement and as far as we know, it will have no legal ramifications as everyone has agreed to the publication.

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