Biden administration takes steps to push insurers to increase mental health coverage

Administration from President Biden announced new rules for insurance companies to increase treatment coverage mental health .

The new rules, which have not yet gone through a public comment period, will require insurers to examine whether their customers have equal access to medical and mental health benefits and take corrective action if necessary. The Mental Health Equity and Addiction Fairness Act requires insurers to provide the same level of mental and physical health coverage, although the administration and advocates argue that the insurer’s policy restricts patient access.

The rules, if finalized, would force insurers to review patient outcomes to ensure that benefits are managed equally, taking into account their network of providers and reimbursement rates, and whether prior authorization is required to provide care.

The Democratic presidential administration says it is seeking to address issues such as insurance companies allowing nutritional counseling for diabetic patients but making life difficult for people with eating disorders.

Measuring the results, according to the White House, will force insurers to make changes in accordance with the law.

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