Belinda in a blue bikini with a mini skirt is the most elegant look of the summer.

Elegant, romantic & seductiver defines the style Belinda with which it is a guarantee of attracting attention both at important events and in social networks, where it has become a benchmark for fashion inspiring fans with every outfit. As a last, ideal for summer with gentle blue bikini with miniskirt and sequins, which she completed with a glamorous hairstyle.

interpreter of “Light without gravity” She followed her passion for fashion by creating the looks that she showcases on each of her postcards through her Instagram account. instagramthanks to which she also stays close to her fans, showing the details of her projects and the weekends she does not leave Charm which characterizes her so, she always looks impeccable.

Belinda with an elegant look in a blue bikini and a yellow shirt. Photo: IG @belindapop

bright colors they came strong for him summer and that’s what Belinda knows very well, that’s why she wore blue bikini For her design, she wore diamonds on top, instantly drawing attention. merged it with mini skirt a matching shirt and a yellow shirt in pastel colors are the perfect complement to enjoying sunny days at the beach. Also, she sported one of the most flattering hairstyles with a low ponytail.

Belinda iconic bikini

When it comes to fashion Belinda undoubtedly a source of inspiration through his outfits, with which he successfully complements the best trends even during his career. vacation. An example of this is the bikini she wore during her visit to Thailand where was the bathing sanctuary elephants and learn more about caring for it as part of an invitation from a well-known jewelry brand.

Belinda wears a bikini with a gradient effect. Photo: IG @belindapop

singer, 33 years old, she wore a bikini with a classic triangular design which she took to the next level with flowers green, orange, brown and shades of blue V gradient effect it has given him a youthful and cheerful touch, which is also part of his personality, although without neglecting the elegance of each of his images.

Blue is undoubtedly one of the most flattering for the actress “Welcome to Eden” and her micro bikini luxury brand Moschino is proof of this. These are exclusive clothes with illustrations My little pony which provide a fun, relaxed and cute look with yellow details around the edges, although it is its cost that is more indicative of the success of the singer, since it is about 7,000 Mexican pesos.

An exclusive Belinda bikini with romantic details. Photo: IG @belindapop


Belinda blew the net in the most stylish swimsuit of the season

Belinda broke the trend of the season with a flirty cutout mini dress.

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