Bad Bunny Foundation creates projects to nurture talent in art, music and sports

San Juan, 11 July (EFE).- The Good Bunny Foundation of Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny took the occasion to announce its educational project “Un verano contigo”, which aims to enhance the talents of children and adolescents in Puerto Rico in the arts, music and sports.

As explained in a statement by the unit’s director, José “Che Juan” Torres, the project counts on fostering the development of each student through an itinerary that incorporates theoretical and practical skills, with the guidance of experienced professionals.

For this reason, recognized personalities in each branch – who will not be disclosed in the release – will be among the resources with whom children and adolescents will interact in order to learn more about their aspirations.

“At The Good Bunny Foundation, our aim is to continue to provide opportunities to foster the talents of children and youth, contribute to their training as leaders, and develop a vision of success in them and in what they stand for,” said Torres.

“We know that such grassroots initiatives not only feed your knowledge, but also fuel your creativity and human sensibility, apart from creating a social and cultural impact,” he said.

Those interested in the arts will have experiences that include workshops in painting, ceramics, engraving, serigraphy, mask making, sculpture, caricature, introduction to dance and performing arts, appreciation of cinema, music and sound arts.

They will interact with artists and visit the Art Museum in Bayamón and the Art Museum in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The music group, which is divided into two (general and advanced), would teach about music theory throughout its calendar until the production and promotion of its first Sensillo.

An essential part of the program is the interdisciplinary collaboration between music and the visual arts, so that participants will have the opportunity to work closely with the art team in the design of covers and the elaboration of merchandise.

In the playing field, participants will work on their motor skills and develop in a variety of disciplines, while learning important concepts such as teamwork, goal setting, companionship and a good sense of leadership.

The educational project “Un Verano Contigo” aspires each year to be a resource to inspire the development of art, music and sport, in addition to the intention of fostering commitment, leadership and effort in each discipline.

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