Asi Jin single-handedly saved a BTS fan from attack by staying in the background of his screen. news from mexico

Curitiba, Brazil – BTS, an excellent music band k-pop around the world, made up of Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkookreached success since 2010, Continuously increasing its fame. Seven members have also progressed in their individual careers, which has led to a significant increase in followers.

Jin helps a BTS follower survive a robbery

With the growing popularity of BTS members, many stories related to the K-pop band and its fans have emerged. Recently, a special case came to light in the metropolitan area of ​​São José dos Pinhais. Curitiba BrazilWho can compare Singer Jin to an authentic hero.

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According to several Brazilian media, a 21-year-old girl, ardent followers of btsShe found herself waiting for a bus when a criminal approached her and took away her mobile phone. However, the situation took an unexpected and surprising turn.

Seeing the screen of the removed device, the thief decided to immediately return it to the victim. The reason behind this wonderful act was The girl had a picture of Jin from BTS in the background wearing military uniform. Due to the fact that the artist is fulfilling mandatory military service in Korea, the thief assumed that the man in the image might be the girl’s bridegroom, and decided to avoid any additional complications.

Image of Jin wearing a military outfit as a cell phone background saved a BTS fan from being the victim of a robbery. , Specific

This story has gone viral on social media and Jin, in addition to being a K-pop idolHailed as the hero without a hat for his involuntary role in saving his follower.


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