a vitamin that helps to strengthen them naturally

The appearance of nails worries many people, especially those who constantly use their hands in everyday communication with other people, for example, at work. That’s why they make sure they look healthy and clean; however, it is important that the nails not only look good, but are really strong.

“Like skin, nails are a reflection of a person’s health. Low levels of zinc and iron, as well as thyroid problems, can cause brittle nails,” notes the U.S. National Library of Medicine. MedlinePlus.

The first thing they explain from acopharma this condition This nail change, also medically referred to as onychoschia, causes fragmentation of the nail due to various factors that prevent the nail plate (which is the hard and translucent part of the nail) from forming properly.

Way to grow nails.

Way to grow nails. | Photo: Getty Images

In addition, it should be said that brittle nails can be a harbinger of some dermatological diseases, such as dermatitis.

What vitamin helps strengthen nails?

In fact, there are several nutrients that are essential for keeping nails healthy. as noted acopharma In his article, one of the main reasons nails can become weak is nutritional deficiencies.

In addition, another important nutrient in nail formation is biotin, a compound that is part of the B family that is key to its hardness. Similarly, these nutrients are precursors to keratin, the protein that nails are primarily made up of.

Since food is the main source of nutrients needed by the body, gastronomic portal Easy to cook Share which are the most nutritionally rich foods that strengthen nails.

Nail fungus can cause yellow color.

Nail fungus can cause yellow color. | Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

  • Milk: This drink is popular for its composition rich in calcium and vitamin D, two beneficial nutrients for keeping nails strong.
  • Brewer’s Yeast: What stands out is that it is a food with a significant amount of protein and vitamin B, as well as amino acids that help prevent brittle nails.
  • Shellfish: Contain essential minerals that promote keratin production.
  • Avocado: stellar ingredient for healthy lifestyles. This food is distinguished by the content of vitamins B and E, proteins and folic acid, which contribute to the growth of nails.
  • Almonds: They contain selenium and biotin, which help keep nails healthy.
  • Red meat: contains protein and iron, which is an essential mineral for proper nail growth.
Eating red meat is unhealthy.

Eating red meat is unhealthy. | Photo: Getty Images / Image Source

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