9 Famous Women Over 40 Who Look 10 Years Older How Do You Do That? Famous Women Over 40 Who Look 10 Years Younger

Actresses, models, singers… celebrities who have had to face public scrutiny before the time shows any indication, but they’ve got glowing skin and toned bodies that defy the progress of years. How do you get it? with one Balanced diet, exercise and daily skin care,

Besides, everyone has their own secrets and sometimes we tell them. As sofia vergara that you are sure to be charmed by aloe vera products; hey Elsa Pataky who is a fan of essential oils. And of course, in the summer, using sun protection is a must in your daily routine to avoid spots and signs of premature ageing.

In short, these celebrities who are in their 40s and above 50s continue to surprise us with their youthful looks and radiant smiles, which is yet another example of challenging with the pace of time.

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