5 Times I Photographed Carolina Herrera Wearing Jeans How Did I Match Her?

messi family Currently they are enjoying a new phase in their life miamiWhen ‘The Flea’ i was signed up to play with him inter miami cf, Whose debut is said to come with luxury guests like past Kim KardashianDavid BeckhamSerena Williams and Marc Anthony,

Antonella Roccuzzo, faithful companion of Lionel MessiTampoco couldn’t miss it, wearing the look with a simple look, characteristic of her, who knows how to take muted sparkles through her clothes, wearing only a crop top cut with straps, jeans or mules in pink tacos as part of her support for her husband’s new team.

Ahead of this stellar debut from Argentina, roccuzzoSeen with a straight pantaloon pink Mexican look Ella and Nadia Ferreira Habián Hecho matching outfitWith almost identical combinations.

silent lujo is a trend It is gaining time with the times, where the logos of famous fashion brands no longer rule, but they are carried in a much more elegant way, in which, the wearer guesses expensive pizzas without shouting. Of course, a reference is an eternal pair messi,

Antonella Roccuzzo challenges Carolina Herrera’s rules with jeans

carolina herrera Share the great knowledge that they have gained in the fashion world over the years. not for nothing, 84 years oldThe Venezuelan woman has become the epitome of style and sophistication while highlighting her feminine beauty.

Despite her fame, the designer hasn’t been immune to controversy, giving her famous advice, she was helping, instead of revealing the pieces she insulted many like bikini, mini skirt, jeans, sneakers and until Long Hair Are absolutely forbidden later for women 30, 40 and 50 yearsnext.

there are also famous people who like Antonella Roccuzzo, Demonstrate that age is just a number, and Every woman can define her own style, no rules, no steps to follow,

5 Different Ways to Wear Jeans Like Antonella Roccuzzo

Who said jeans weren’t pretty?

carolina herrera says that jeans are only for young women and women after 30 it would be unimaginable to use them, but Antonella Rocuzzoshows you can also look elegant with a tweed blazerPoint toe shoes, a small pocket and sunglasses.

jeans and boots

This tip is ideal for being a few centimeters taller, wearing high boots will help make the figure stylish if we know how to combine them, in this case, the influencer showed off a look in dark blue jeans and a cropped sweater.

scary white jeans

These jeans are a springtime favorite, nothing is more trendy and fresh than white pants. In this case, Antonella Roccuzzo added her own flair with platform espadrilles and a beige blouse with an abstract print of stripes.

something comfortable

Antonella Rocuzzo She always shines for her modesty, and this is compare to other famous people, she is not a fan of splurge, but something simple, thus we can see her with a set like a white sweater and tennis shoes, nothing is more comfortable and chic than them.

Combined with the hottest crop top

wife of messi guessed your help at the concert of Ed Sheeran in FranciaWith a look, perfect for a concert and ideal for hot climates, a cross crop top in orange color with a Mother white jeans With tears in Rodillas.

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