5 Techniques to Increase Jaw Size

All it takes is a quick search on TikTok to understand that #snatchedjawline has already garnered over 217 million views. ‘Snatched jawline’ refers to a jaw line that is snatched, ie projected, without sagging and/or fat. And there’s a reason for so much hysteria: The most marked contouring is associated with puberty. Bella Hadid, Lily Rose Depp and Kendall Jenner are on the list of women with well-defined jawlines.

“With aging, the jawbone undergoes resorption and the angle becomes less defined, more rounded. The emergence of a double chin may not be noted, as this area becomes more loose and fat may accumulate. When the lower half of the face grows, the face may feel unbalanced. And there are those who feel uncomfortable”, explains plastic surgeon Marcelo Sampaio, specialist in general surgery and plastic surgery at the Hospital das Clínicas (USP).

However, according to the expert, care should be taken not to overuse techniques aimed at a more defined jawline. “When something bothers you it’s okay to go to an expert, interferes with self-esteem, You need to follow common sense and your doctor’s recommendations and not overdo it with remodeling techniques,” he says.

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Next, check out some techniques that help make the jawline more defined!

1. Filler with hyaluronic acid

There are several procedures to improve the jaw line. One of them is filling with hyaluronic acid. “This tends to enlarge the area, giving it a more defined look,” explains dermatologist Gisa Costa. The results are permanent, she says: between six months and two years.

2. Liposuction

In the jowl area, localized fat is removed with a cannula. very slim And this procedure can be combined with cervico-facial lifting, which is the suspension of the tissue that has become loose by means of internal sutures. “After the procedure, FaceTite and Morpheus, minimally invasive radiofrequency, are important allies in the contraction of the skin, as they help to treat this excess in the area”, explains Marcelo Sampaio.

smiling woman with hand on face
Cosmetics help to firm up the skin (Image: Denisomarov | Shutterstock)

3. Firming Cream

Firming creams can help define the contours of the face, but this depends on the origin and type of problem. “Cosmetics with a stronger effect are helpful and can be used as long as they are indicated by a dermatologist, but they do not give the same effect as filler, They are just supporting”, comments Gisa Costa.

4. Non-surgical treatment for fat

According to Gisa Costa, there are non-surgical treatments for fat reduction that can be associated with the jawbone rejuvenation process. One example is CoolSculpting, which uses controlled cooling to promote the death of fat cells. “We can also incorporate radiofrequency, microfocused ultrasound and the application of enzymes”, he says.

5. Use of Gua Sha and Jade Roller

As the doctor explains, the use of Gua Sha and Jade Roller is not able to break down fat cells or define facial lines. Additionally, face lifting patches can result in a rebound effect, where the skin may become even more loose when removed. They concluded, “It is imperative that people who suffer from this condition seek a professional to design/perform an individualized protocol.”

by Ana Marigliani

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