19 Styles Of Short Nails With Gelish: Focus On Your Hands

Do you feel adventurous with an “animal print” design? Do you like the beauty of “milky nails”? You decide!

19 Styles Of Short Nails With Gelish: Focus On Your Hands

Last Update: 25 July 2023

Do you know what nails are cut with? Gelish Will this be the most requested manicure this 2023? While social networks are trying to show us elaborate designs in the style of Kylie Jenner or Hailey Bieber, it is important to remember that wearing short nails is more comfortable and helps you to show off a neat and elegant aesthetic.

So, if your style is delicate and you’re looking for inspiration to work on simple nails like these, keep reading! We’ve rounded up the bad designs chic So you can consider them at any time. floral motifs and prints animal printAs long as it shines and gives off vibrant colors, you’re sure to find the perfect option for you.

these are the trends Gelish for short nails

Gone are the days when a beautiful manicure meant having long nails. Although they make us feel glamorous and feminine, sometimes they can be impractical and more fragile than they appear.

Who hasn’t had a bad day when one broke and, inevitably, you had to cut them all? How many times have you found it difficult to open a bottle because your fingernails were too long?

Therefore, A safe way to avoid this problem is to keep your nails short., With this style, daily chores are no longer a concern. And the best part is you can shape the look alike aesthetical What would you do on long nails!

Do you want to see short nail styles? Gelish what do you want to ask him? nail artist On your next trip to the beauty salon? you will be surprised!

1. Micro-French

A classic par excellence. in our list of clipped nails GelishThe Micro-French can’t be missed in helping you design a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic.

Be sure to ask your manicurist to do very limited lines To balance the length of your nails and have it match your actual tips. And if you think they’re too thin, don’t worry! You can always thicken them to get the perfect finish.

2. Barbicore

Along with the film fibers of the iconic Mattel doll, barbiecore has branched out into fashion and makeup. And now it’s time for a manicure! How do these nails look to you? Gelish In chicle pink tones? without a doubt you will work in totality Barbie Girl.

3. nude nails

This is the favorite nail style of trend followers old money, To achieve this, apply a layer of light pink nail polish, exactly the same as nail artist Margot Robbie, by Tom Bachik. This way, your nails will shine natural and sophisticated, and look like you didn’t wear them painted.

4. dotted nails

To achieve this style of short nails, start by applying a neutral base and then add dots or tops to the entire nail, floor in the center where the bezel is located. If you’re looking for a simple design, but still young and fun, this option is perfect,

5. animal print

If you like tiger, goat, leopard or cow print, this animal print This is one of those trends that never goes out of fashion! However, use a marvel to avoid excessive nail biting. Choose to apply the motif solo on the nail of the ring finger or as a French manicure, combine others with vowels nude Or more intense to achieve a balanced manicure.

6. Kon Olas

If you still can’t get to the beach to enjoy the sun and grounds, at least your nails will get you there! Renowned celebrity manicurist, Zola Ganzorigat, brings us this nail design Gelish Inspired by the delicate ocean waves. Will this proposal become a summer trend? Soon we will know.

7. twirl nails

To get this incredible design of short nails GelishYou will need to apply foundation nude transparent. Luego, with the help of a brush, Start creating the curved parts that feature this artistic manicure that will help you design a youth style.

This design is perfect for spring-summer! Choose vibrant colors like orange or fuchsia, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, dare to use neon. If you are looking for a more elegant option, you can opt for white.

8. milky nails

If you prefer to polish white nails without matching the color of the shade, we propose you a manicure milky nails, which uses a more delicate and luxurious white tone. This technique is trending and has become popular due to Jennifer Lopez using it at her wedding with Ben Affleck.

Las milky nails Promise to support us till next year. The Crucero show is a prelude to upcoming fashion and beauty trends, and in particular, this style was relevant in the Chanel collection, where all the models shone with great beauty and style.

This is one of the short nail styles which will help to enhance your tan and rejuvenate your hands.

9. Yin and Yang

The famous oriental symbol is transferred to your hands with a touch of color To add balance, peace and harmony to your life. Are you excited to get it on your nails?

10. Pan de Oro

Pan d’Oro makes your manicure sophisticated and delicate. So that all attention is focused on this decorative sheet, ask you nail artist who paints your nails with a base nude or very pale pink. You will notice how this glamorous detail adds a distinctive touch to your Look,

11. Cosmic Purpose

If you are looking for nail design Gelish One who personifies the grandeur of the universe, this one is for you! with nail polish Glow, You can make sun, moon and stars on your nailsWill create a dazzling effect that will make you feel like you are floating in space.

12. Heat Wave

Why limit yourself to one nail style when you can have different styles for each one? Make the most of it and enjoy combining your favorite motifs!

yes sean estrellas, rainbow, Türkiye eyes or animal print, Mix them up to create a manicure full of summer energy. Be sure to use vibrant colors as a base, like green, pink, blue, or orange!

13. Delicate Margaritas

Manicure with floral motifs is the most characteristic style of the spring season, With its delicate features, it will lend elegance to your hands. The key to winning is choosing a transparent base, nude Or in pastel tones, on top of which you can add small margaritas.

14. Printing of frames

That’s it! square, or print VichyThey also adopt manicure to provide comfortable air chic To you Look, Bettina Goldstein, others nail artist of the famous, Propose this colorful version that adds a touch of freshness to your nails, To make the frame stand out, it is necessary to apply a light pink base first.

15. thin nails

just like caramel skittleswhich come in different colors, you can also adopt this idea and paint each of your nails a different tone, Try it out with the ones you love the most and create a vibrant combination that reflects your personality. Let your imagination run wild!

16. Strawberry sorbet

Similar to the previous design, this one too This involves mixing red and pink fluorine with other colors in his color palettePainting each nail a different color.

17. Glow

A touch of genius cannot be missing from this collection! Add Glow to give you your nails Dress one more touch of celebration chic, simultaneously, You should know that nail polish is jelly with that it ended So that you can recreate this design whenever you want.

18. Include stickers

if you like it nude nailsBut you know that your manicure lacks a playful and original touch, then you can add stickers, For example, some Calcomenia with fruit motifs, As proposed by Bettina Goldstein. You have the vibrant essence of spring-summer in your hands.

19. Baroque

Let yourself go towards the magic of luxury! Once again, Goldstein mesmerized with her design Combine gold pans and river pearls to create a stunning manicure, This risky bet will allow you to show off nails worthy of royalty.

what are these cropped nail designs made of jelly do you like?

Your little nails are perfect for completing countless designs jelly Which will make you feel sophisticated and trendy at all times. Pick your favorite and let your nails reflect your personality style.

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